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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

OP T1 < OP T2

#1TAG_ROCK  Jul 18 2008, 23:54 PM -
Replays: 19 Game:
Came back from the dead with T2. GG. Review pls.
#2InfiniteWaffle  Jul 21 2008, 15:57 PM -
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Reaper, blazes are just more expensive auroras. Althought 2 of em down the west side of the map would have quickly raided all those undefended mexes since they are so dam fast (the only huge difference between them and auroras). Obsidens don't really counter his t-2 unless you have a large amount and can steam roll into his base. But dam do they cost alot of energy along with those mobile shields sad.gif (You crashed your eco). Your best bet was defenitly in my opinion, your com gun upgrades (OC, fast a.s. and massive range>ground units). Air was a possibility, aeon t-1 bombers are pretty alright and specters are atleast extremly mobile and somewhat useful against ground units. T-2 pd was also an option- but I kindof think of the aeon com with gun upgrades as a supped up t-2 pd that is also mobile therefore alowing it to go on the offensive and be where its needed most. lol@ rock calling auororas and cyb t-2 OP; they are really good but balanced. Btw I'm in the top 250 as an aeon player, so atleast you know I'm not a total noob giveing you false advice. GG!
#3LawnMower_   Jul 24 2008, 17:57 PM -
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Good to see from you again Reaper!

I kinda have to agree a bit with rock although cybran t2 is more "op" than aeon t1 is. Aeon t1 is by far the best later in the game but lack of mobility, controllability and raidability (making up words but whatever) early in the game balances it pretty good I think.

Cybran t2 is also god damn near impossible to beat for other factions especially for aeon to counter.

All in all both might be a bit "op" and in some situations they can almost be very "op" but if you see to the whole the balance is fine.
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