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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

2vs2 Sir_loui, Djinn vs Brainsteel_Inc, SC-Account

#21Dark MadMax  Mar 28 2008, 21:16 PM -
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Great game. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it. Was rooting for sc account and glad he won after brainsteel lost his ACU rather unproductively. There was only one annoyance - SC account didn't bother with reclaims while being short on mass most of the time and having map control.
#22Steinerrr  Jul 11 2011, 03:35 AM -
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Nice replay, was quite enjoyable. Loved the tech mixing and back & forth swings, was not quite possible to predict the outcome till Percivals marched into ACU.

Brain, however could have fallen behind SC's lines and upgraded engineering on his ACU after he donated structures to SC, rather then wasting it in ill-advised suicide attack.
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