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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

2v2 mirror match

#1zzZzz  Apr 28 2008, 02:55 AM -
Replays: 4
Fun 2v2. Could use a review if someone can find the time.
#2Gekko09  Apr 28 2008, 18:18 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
i'll give my personal view on this match if you like:

Running short on time will edit when i have reviewed all players.

here it goes.

Your buildorder seems to work good enough.
- 01.25 --> your mass is stalling you for a bit, make an engineer reclaim something or stop supporting your factory for a while so your mexes get finished sooner.

- 2.21 --> your first factory has built it's engineers and is now idle, and you don't seem to care.

- 3.05 --> you get attacked and have 1a minimum of units of your own

+ 3.34 --> you repel the initial attack

SC-Account is reclaiming your buildings!

+ 3.54 --> you build a radar

you start unit production, which is a good thing. But you haven't scouted so you don't know your enemy's strategy or what units he has and get bashed by t2.

+ 07.55 --> you upgrade to t2 suit

+ 08.01 --> enemy acu explodes
- 08.01 --> ally's acu explodes but gives all

you seem to be obsessed by energy you build ALOT of it and it's going to waste.

- 08.40 --> you've finaly decided to use your ally's base but you are building tanks which are useless.

- 09.03 --> your opponent come's in with air, you have NO AA AT ALL. remember that you need it.

- 09.52 --> your acu is sitting in range of t2 pd

+ 10.12 --> you finaly build AA and bring down his air assault.

+10.28 --> you build a t2 pd of your own and kill the enemy pd

you are beginning to construct a firebase on the enemy's isle and is doing perfect.

+ 11.43 --> you build a radar at your firebase, just in time to repel his t2 assault


the game gets boring after this since neither of you is willing to finish eachother off, will go further on this later.

+ 22.50 --> your mobile shields are helping you push your t2 pd's

+ 24.13 --> enemy ACU explodes, you win.


build order is doing it's work

+ 01.45 --> radar is up

- 01.55 --> your energy is stalling you

- 04.00 --> you are getting attacked and only have a few units of your own

+ 04.20 --> you have restoration upgrade and push back enemy ACU and initiate a nice attack of your own

+ 06.16 --> you are comdancing and it saves your life

+- 06.55 --> your engineer is repairing your acu without the enemy noticing which is funny XD.

+ 07.55 --> you give everything to your ally and go for the kill

+ 08.02 --> enemy ACU explodes

- 08.02 --> you die

good build order, your eco is never in trouble

+ 02.34 --> you attack an opponents isle with a scout support

+ 02.47 --> you steal reclaimable buildings

+ 05.00 --> you push back the enemy attack

+ 06.00 --> you have air superiority (none of your opponents has ANY air) you could do mor with that.

- 06.43 --> you leave the enemy ACU on your island alone

+ 07.40 --> you pushed back the enemy units but not the acu

- 08.02 --> your acu explodes and you don't give anything

+ 08.02 --> enemy acu explodes

your build order is clearly focussed on early rushing and seems to work well enough

+ 03.00 --> you initiate an attack on an unprepared enemy

+ 04.00 --> you're stealing the reclaimable buildings of the enemy

+ 05.19 --> you reach t2

+ 05.43 --> you get radar up

+ 06.07 --> you see your ally is in trouble and send help.

- 08.02 --> you're ally dies

- 08.24 --> you're attacked and have no units to defend

+ 08.30 --> you repel the attack

you see your enemy has no air or AA, you should use this to your advantage more

- 10.00 --> the enemy ACU reaches your isle and you don't attack him

- 11.00 --> your air force is being slaughtered, get them away and use them on the acu at your isle

- 11.30 --> the enemy has build a strong fortification on your isle

the fortification has no AA whatsoever, send in air!

- 12.07 --> your counterattack is annihilated

you are fighting eachother with pd but his pd outranges you and it has area damage so it destroys your pd.

+ 13.16 --> you try to kill the enemy with tml, but you should have waited till you had more.

- 13.48 --> the enemy has build tmd so your tml is useless on its own

you still have no units in your base, fortify your base if you want to survive

- 14.47 --> the enemy is pd crawling you

+ 16.06 --> you are building rocket launchers to try and destroy the enemy firebase

your enemy is building tmd's like crazy so your rocketlaunchers are ineffective

- 17.00 --> you are being attack and still have no decend defend units

you have an idle airfactory you could build bombers to bring down that firebase

instead of going to t3, build more factorys to get some units to defeat that firebase

+ 18.30 --> you finaly decide to use your ally's resources, but you should have done this way sooner

- 19.25 --> you are being bombarded by artillery

- 20.10 --> your base is being completedly destroyed

+ 21.35 --> you have sniperbots, but the enemy has shielded it's pd's by now.

+ 22.00 --> you finaly decide to use air to scout, but it might already be to late.

- 23.35 --> you're opponent has t2 gunships

you ctrl + k

after 14.00 neither of you is doing anything serious it seems, you're just trying to outbuild pd's. where's the air? neither of you have any air nor AA! use that to your advantage! SC-account rewatch this game, and figure how you can destroy that firebase! (Air, mass attacking with t1, ...).

overall a slowpased match. Where are all the units? build more then 2-3 factories! upgrade your mexes! and put your eco to good use.

watch replays here to improve yourself, really i had to learn that way as well.

this is only my second review so if there is anything you find unjust let me know.

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#3zzZzz  Apr 30 2008, 06:01 AM -
Replays: 4
Thanks for the review. I agree the game stalls once El-Mariachi PD crawls to the win. But up until that point it was decent.

I think air wouldn't have mattered much vs the PD base crawl because he could easily counter with some flak. but had he massed air and focused on any flak being built... who knows. It def would be too late once the shields were up though.
#4Gekko09  Apr 30 2008, 16:18 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
SC could have build +- 10 bombers and just raid his main base when he started the pd crawl, if you'd attacked his pgens and mexes it would have:
- slowed down the pd crawl
- slowed down unit production
- give you time to build up decent ground force
- give you time to claim the ally's isle

the other way around
EL could have just annihilated all the resources and completely stop SC. since he was already low on resources and had no units.
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