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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Funny finns!

#11Testingfreak  May 23 2008, 12:26 PM -
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Np, reclaiming is twice as fast as building wink.gif
A reclaiming ACU deals 320 DPS to a UEF T1 factory. That's clearly better then the weapon, even if it's upgraded.
#12Mr. Teatime  May 23 2008, 21:36 PM -
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so is it faster to reclaim a fac than it is to shoot it?

edit] ohh there was a second page XD
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#13MonarchDodra  May 24 2008, 14:33 PM -
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Np, reclaiming is twice as fast as building wink.gif

Thanks for clearing that up. But it does second what I said that damage rate is proportional to build rate. As a matter of fact, an ACU with T3 engineering can destroy buildings in a matter of seconds by reclaiming... But at this stage of the game, your better of protecting it then attacking with it.
BTW, if you are hesitating about which is fastest, just try to reclaim for a few seconds, then shoot 2-3 shots, and you'll have your answer.

Can anybody educate me about capturing? The way I understood it, is it takes exactly as long as it takes to build, and consumes about 50% of the resources required to first build the thing?
#14Testingfreak  May 24 2008, 17:10 PM -
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Capturing is as reclaiming twice as fast as building. It consumes only the energy value of the structure you reclaim, but it drains the energy twice as fast (logical).
#15FunkOff  May 24 2008, 19:06 PM -
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Reclaiming is faster than capturing, which is why engineers reclaim other engineers rather than capture... if you try to capture and your enemy tries to reclaim, they always win.

Also capping uses a lot of E, and it stops if you're low on E.
#16Testingfreak  May 25 2008, 15:27 PM -
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OK, I was wrong. My testing wasn't thoroughly. You are as wrong as me, though tongue.gif
Capturing is as I said twice as fast as building > a T2 engineer captures as fast as a T1 factory builds (well the T1 factory got this ~2,7 seconds roll off problem so T2 engineer will capture faster).
This is always true.

Reclaiming is absolutely different and has nothing to do with the build time or HP of a unit. It's only affected by the mass value of a unit.
A unit with the ability to reclaim, reclaims 0,875 mass per build power if the unit which you reclaim is alive.
So a unit which costs 400 mass (landed ASF) will get reclaimed by a T1 engineer (5 buildpower) in 91 seconds.
A T1 engineer will reclaim a other T1 engineer in 12 seconds while capturing would take 26 seconds.
Well that in theory. In reality it takes ~8 seconds to reclaim a T1 engineer with a T1 engineer. My formula worked perfectly for some different T3 units, though.
So maybe reclaiming higher tech units is generally slower or whatever. I can't find this out anymore cause my FA in game clock is broken. Yeah I know in game clocks shouldn't run out of power or get rusty, but GPG somehow managed to implement that (maybe as a "Feature") sad.gif

Fact is:
Reclaim is sometimes twice as fast as capturing and sometimes half as fast... totally weird.
IF you have enough energy you should capture enemy factories as it's by far faster if you face enemy mobile stuff you better choose reclaim as it's usually faster.

Oh and FunkOff:
Capturing doesn't drain a lot of energy, it drains exactly the energy value of the structure/unit you capture.
#17Gandalf_Greyhame  Jan 2 2009, 16:56 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Funny replay:

- Close escape from Loui in Rocks base
- Base swap
- Continueing game after base swap, which is unusual, for most games on finns are over short after ACUs reach enemy bases...
- At ~ 7:30 mins Loui shows how to put Seraphim t1 arty to good use as AA tongue.gif ... it shoots down one Cybran t1 bomber --> thank you Loui, i always said Seraphim t1 arty is imba! VeryFunny.gif laugh.gif



#18DanzaDragon  Jun 27 2009, 09:53 AM -
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Well actually... I have seen a few games where comms are t3 and are shooting at units and such, I reclaim them then overcharge when possible >:)
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