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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

when noobs play FA :)

#1ondrais  Dec 23 2009, 14:30 PM -
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lol game
#2Meroian  Dec 23 2009, 19:01 PM -
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Well... what to say... while I definitely would not consider any one of these two a good player, I cannot really understand how you can call a player who is obviously familiar with all the basic principles of RTS and Supreme Commander (and even dodging T1 artillery shells) a noob.
Seriously, if these here are noobs then noob is a compliment for some people on GPG.
#3ondrais  Dec 24 2009, 10:10 AM -
Replays: 13
well making energy in front is not good smile.gif but yeah they are not so bad players... but good?
#4snafu  Jan 8 2010, 17:10 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
I cannot really understand how you can call a player [...] a noob.

He called it "when noobs play FA smile.gif". Plural. Therefore, he surely meant, that none of them played that well in this game biggrin.gif
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#5Meroian  Jan 9 2010, 15:48 PM -
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Uh jeah bash my grammar man! I'm really into that... seriously... with 'a player' I wanted to refer to players in general therefore including these two.
And even if I didn't, your comment would still be unlogical - with noob's' you do include both players, so pure mathematic logic would say if I prove one of the conditions (player1=noob, player2=noob) wrong, this would lead to the conclusion that the statement was wrong. Bam. (sry to ondrais, I do not want to say you are wrong because as I said I agree they are not 'good' and they Do make mistakes)

So... hope this was enough of an outrage for a nice little flamewar to start tongue.gif I'm waiting

Ok I can see there is another way to misunderstand what I meant with my first comment, so to type along, again: I do not think they are noobs. And with that I do NOT mean how they performed in this single game snafu, because dodging arty is not something that is based on your personal daily performance. Also noob is nothing I would use on someone who played a bad game this or that day - because then you had to start calling even TAG_Rock a noob now and again... And i think we can agree that there is still some way to go before that happens
Hope I have still left enough for a flamewar biggrin.gif
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#6snafu  Jan 9 2010, 20:14 PM -
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nah, I think you picked the wrong guy for that wink.gif
It was not my intention to criticise or nitpick grammar (english isnt my native tounge, so I would surely only make a fool of myself trying such a stupid thing)

I was merely mocking ondrais for accusing his enemy of noobishness, although the level of skill he displayed himself wasnt THAT much higher (and plz dont compare it to my lvl, thats totally beside the point biggrin.gif)

I would agree with you, that both of them were mediocre, not noobs.

Edit: Ooops, that one backfired. Just realized, that ondrais did not play himself. I wonder though, why he posts a replay he considers noobish. Without offering tips for improvement that seemed pretty pointless.
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