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The Asian Dynasties

kiljardi's german vs great_toncha's india

#1kiljardi  May 21 2008, 15:18 PM -
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ESL match, second game against toncha, first one was under 8min game so not gonna up it, this game map is ozarks

ozarks is know for its bad hunts. He takes 2 of my side hunts by placing the fort nicely and my second hunt he takes by shooting it with a vill. leaving only 1 herd for me, so i have to go mills very early same time trying to cut him off hunts aswell...

tough game, gg toncha
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#2WaytEarp  May 21 2008, 17:21 PM -
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great game wink.gif

keep posting
#3Cerbykins  May 22 2008, 02:07 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Wubbed. Without question, really. tongue.gif
#4MingMing99  May 26 2008, 01:17 AM -
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Great game of two respectful people of our aoe society. Would have wubbed without downloading if I could have. thum.gif

Post more of ESL league games!

P.S. where do you keep all the ESL leagues' games? WTF.gif
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#5Shadoxlamer :)  May 27 2008, 21:20 PM -
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Great great game, Wubbed, and I'm making it Silver tongue.gif
#6gls0065  Jun 2 2008, 04:56 AM -
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That was just sexy

Dirty play by killing off the hunts and a tough map for this matchup, but even more awesome play by kilj. You always seemed to have 'just enough' to keep the game going and eventually evolved the game past the point where sepoy pwn xbows and he actually had to use gurka at which point your investments paid off and the penalty for making sepoy vs xbows hurt him.

Wubbed even though I think the whole wub concept is kinda homo. This is my first wub. But this was an excellent example of using germany vs india on one of the harder maps.
#7zachattach  Aug 6 2008, 03:12 AM -
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thumb.gif ya it was very dirty play ( u0udiablo.gif )But makes for a very entertainig game keep em comin please.
#8Replaysystem  Jun 14 2012, 14:39 PM -

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