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The Asian Dynasties

kiljardi(brit) vs stoffe(aztec) tournament match

#1kiljardi  Jul 27 2008, 20:58 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
havent posted in a while so heres one from rise of the dynasty tournament, its round3, game1 vs stoffe ~pr40 or smtn, good player, 2-1 the final result, second and third games were short games not rly worth watching.

we made a deal no asian civs, so i go brit since ive been playing them lately, and he chooses aztecs which is sometimes hard for brits.

i start with lb/pike and soon add hussars in, he goes coyote mace with some pikes.

#2Cerbykins  Aug 12 2008, 18:53 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
First attack on the Aztec was a bit rough, threw out a good advantage but you covered it well later. He did well to close the villager gap but he wasn't gonna be able to get away with using the same military tactics twice on you... biggrin.gif
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