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The Asian Dynasties

Dj Kaiser vs Dubarro

#1Dj_KaIsEr  Apr 17 2008, 20:36 PM -
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Quite enjoying game, Although I hate Great Lakes with all the strenght my heart can provide me. There were land and water battles, and the final battle could have been different if I didn't make a funny manuever banana.gif .
Many thanks for shadoxlamer and cerbykins for helping me with some account issues I had this week, and for kaiservonnunben for always giving me nice opnions about my games. Ah, and for Martinius for reviewing my Japan vs China pre-patch game.
Enjoy the game gentlemen.
#2Martinius The Great  Apr 18 2008, 05:11 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
You're welcome. biggrin.gif
I review.
#3KaiserVonNuben  Apr 19 2008, 14:34 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
Thanks for the comment, DJ. I will watch today. Your China is as strong as your Japan.
#4Martinius The Great  Apr 20 2008, 19:26 PM -
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Kaiser, why is your ELO low, while you're really good?
ELO is so dumb I guess biggrin.gif
#5Dj_KaIsEr  Apr 20 2008, 20:18 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
Martinius I believe that is because I have the habit of testing my custom strategies on quicksearch maps. I think quicksearch matches are harder than the "1v1" games you'll find on the game list because you cannot just go away if you pick someone 4 PRs or more above you and with a civ that you feel it tougher to beat (like pre-patch sioux and chinese). I rarely play unrated games because it's too hard to find an unrated game vs a skilled player, generally I only play unrated games with my fellow cerbykins because he's a tough aztec guy IMO.
Well, there's also the point that all the experience i've ever had with AoE III franchise before buying tad were less than 10 games on TWC, so my early games sucked hard and I had a bad win percentage in which I'm still struggling to make it better. About ELO rating system...well, its odd. I was a sort of mentor (of japanese) for Dubarro lol, although I'm more adept of cavalry and he's an ashigaru maniac laugh.gif and you can see that dubarro has a better elo than mine. If you go to eloratings.com, you'll see that my highest elo was 1820 or something and my team elo is a joke, because I madly need a mate to play 2v2 lol. frusty.gif
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