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Ashirush vs. German FF

#1Hopeless Wins  Jan 12 2008, 14:28 PM -
Replays: 4
Well, a QS-matchup MasterSergeant vs. Lieutnant Colonel might sound fair.

Dunno why i lost nevertheless whistling.gif

A review is not neccessary, but some tips for improving my gameplay should be helpful.

I really thought I got him in the ropes, but then this frusty.gif frusty.gif frusty.gif Jaegers came out - no time to react.

Short game - but something to learn from.
#2Cerbykins  Jan 12 2008, 21:39 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
For 15 PR apart I was expecting something a bit more ropey, especially since all I used to do was inspire hatred in M Sgts. as a 1st Lt. biggrin.gif
Actually, it's very good, and I think a slight adjustment in tactics and you might have had him...!

There comes a point about 8 minutes in when you've hit a couple of houses and all that's left is his outposts - this is the time to pull out. Why pull out? Almost surely Germans love one of two things - xbow spam or age 3 merc ships. And since you're all on Ashi's and there's no sign of bows, the big age 3 ship is definitely coming, and it's 99% certain to be Jaegers.

Sooo....armed with foreknowledge, counter his counter now, and be prepping the naggy riders. smile.gif
It wouldn't win you the game from there, but if you were able to find and raid his econ and keep the pressure up....well...you were already onto a good start, 5-10 more good minutes and you could well have had him!
#3Hopeless Wins  Jan 13 2008, 08:40 AM -
Replays: 4
Thatīs true.

I didnīt expect one of the expensive shipments.

Normally they set the vills, which they donīt need for TC-defence, on wood for rebuilding structures.

There is a lot of gold neccessary for Jaegers and he gone FF, which took him another 1000 gold.

I would have owned any other shipment he could throw at me - so cry.gif
#4Lost_my_hope  Jan 14 2008, 00:09 AM -
Replays: 0 Game:
Imo you could still have won this game. Your points were almost equal and he had nothing except for his precious Jaegers. Indeed, they owned your Musketeers and you should have retreated, but his eco was bad and he was completely housed. I'm not a Japanese player but building Naginata Riders and more troops would have kept you in the race!

I must add, he didn't play too well. He couldn't create any units for a long time because of pop limit, he had 2 TPs on Stagecoach not gathering wood and no vills on wood either (and then you housed him furthermore haha) and apparently he must have thought why age with 6 skirmishers (lvl 131 HC) if you can send 3 dops 0wn3d.gif
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#5Cerbykins  Jan 14 2008, 05:27 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
In theory, it sounds super-complex to get inside someone's head, but in reality, it's a lot simpler - you have all one type of troop, he's in trouble, he's now seen which type you have so it's only time before he puts a counter out. Because he's in trouble, he'll likely drop everything to get the best anti-HI option he can.
It's exactly the same as when someone scouts out some of your far-off vills. You know an attack is now only seconds away so you either start heading them for home early or start sending the troops over. wink.gif

German strength is in the super shipments, and merc ships add extra mercs to the shipments rather than extra Uhlans. That's what made me think he'd go Jaegers (basically, think super-skirmisher). Still, even if he were that tight on cash, he might still have sent a regular skirmisher ship - but it's much less likely.

Anyhow, knowledge acquired, go hurt someone with it. wink.gif
#6Hopeless Wins  Jan 14 2008, 17:48 PM -
Replays: 4
A Comeback would have taken me too much time, I think.
Collecting wood, building a stable and building enough nagas (he had 13 OP Jaegers!) would have given him some minutes, that he could have used to harass my eco down.
I had no army left and would have run out of food soon btw.
Building a ricepaddy takes a lot of wood, which must be chopped first.
And - correct me, if Iīm wrong - Jaegers (or was it Highlanders???) are good vs. Kav too.
I could have tried massing yumi, but the prob was, that he had an unknown amount of Uhlans hidden somewhere (Didnīt count his shipmments and losses).
And he was in Fortress with his TC still standing untouched.
His next option would have surely been falcs, I bet.
No, I think, when he had his Jaegers out and my army was completely down, the game was over.
I should have sended some Ashi to the wilderness, looking for his vills and with the rest I should have gone straight for his TC instead of housing him
#7Lost_my_hope  Jan 14 2008, 20:48 PM -
Replays: 0 Game:
He didn't have any Uhlans, but of course, you couldn't know.. I know the problem of overestimating my opponent's situation haha blush.gif
And yeah Jaegers do well vs cavalry because of their great stats (250 hit pts, 20 range, 30 ranged attack), they can easily hit and run small numbers of cav. But, of course, they are only with 13, and every Jaeger you kill is gone for ever haha. Flanking may be important vs these noobs since they can't hit and run properly when attacked from two sides by cav. But I agree he had pretty much won the game =(
#8Cerbykins  Jan 15 2008, 07:46 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Once you think the muskets have done as much as they reasonably can, pull them out and use 'em later instead. As you said, the losses were pretty much fatal.

There's a spot at 8 minutes where you arrive at the base and there's no-one at home...or almost no-one. That's the cue he's on for fortress or at the very least will be prepping anti-HI. I'm a bit doubtful you'd get the TC (or at least, wouldn't be able to do it every game) so I would say take out the barracks, then villager hunt as you suggested, at least enough to try clip a couple easy villagers and head out once done (to minimise your losses). If he really wants to protect his TC at all costs, there's cards like colonial militia and Teutonic TC which will make it almost impossible to get in.

That spot where you notice no-one's at home is the point to start prepping the cavs. If you still think food might be an issue, there's always 600 food in a pinch and 2 orchards would make a good addition to your deck (easy, fast, virtually unraidable food). Granted he's got time to put out the Jaegers, but so long as your musket losses are low and you get the cavs it will be even harder for him, since then he'll have maybe 5-10 cavs to fight AND your 15-20 muskets. smile.gif
That leaves him with the choice of death by cavs or death by overwhelming firepower. wink.gif
Your vills on the other hand, are at least relatively safe for the time being since you effectively have map control. He has to face you with next to nothing on your home turf if he wants map control back.

You're probably thinking of hand attack on Highlanders when you say good vs cav, since Highlanders are merc muskets (and muskets have bonus vs cavs in melee). As Lost says, the Jaegers would put a hole in any cavs but not to the extent Highlanders would.

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