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The Asian Dynasties

Luigi vs Mardow

#1firgli  Mar 21 2008, 16:57 PM -
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Played some games with mardow, this was the last and imo best one. My ger vs his brits, agressive double rax musk push vs xbow defense, I slowly take control of the game tongue.gif
#2BHcataclysm  Mar 24 2008, 02:40 AM -
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Yay more German replays. Will watch.
#3KaiserVonNuben  Mar 27 2008, 13:16 PM -
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I've always found the German v. British matchup difficult, especially on water maps where he can add to the manor boom with schooners.

I liked your approach here, namely to put endless pressure on him with crossbows and uhlan raids. Somehow you kept pace with him economically, probably because he threw all his resources into hussars, which you countered nicely.

So is the general prescription against the Brits to go dual rax colonial warfare? Lots of xbows seem to work well against muskets, but what if he goes LB? I loved this game as a template for fighting the British, but I'm wondering if there are other ways to deal with them if they use different units.
#4firgli  Mar 29 2008, 16:57 PM -
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vs lbows just mix in some uhlans or go up, or just outmass him with xbows (xbows kill lbows cost effectively anyway)
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