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The Asian Dynasties

Cerbykins vs Iwa

#11KaiserVonNuben  May 7 2008, 19:26 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
That's weird about the coyotes only taking 31 damage from a nagi. Maybe they have some hand damage resistance? I always thought coyotes resisted vs. ranged attacks, but I could be wrong on that. And I know for sure that nagis have a NEGATIVE modifier against "heavy infantry" (pikes, muskets, doppels, rods etc...). Now, if coyotes are not termed "light infantry," but "hand infantry," that would make them a singularly unique unit. That doesn't surprise me, though, because I have always struggled to characterize them. I guess ESO wanted to give the Aztecs a "cav-like" unit (the real Aztecs did not know what a horse was lol) that did not take damage the same way infantry does. In that I think they have succeeded well: Coyotes beat other light infantry (xbows/skirms and the like), and stand up very well against cavalry in sufficient numbers. Plus they beat artillery, but that's rarely an issue.

Having said all this, if enemy units do not do modified damage to coyotes as "light infantry," then they really have no hard counter. People always seem to use pikes to counter the coyote menace in colonial, and that would not make sense if pikes--with a meager base hand attack of 8--did not do their 2.4X damage modifier against "light infantry." And because dragoon-type units only have a modifier against cavalry, they would do no modified damage against coyotes, either. We should test this out.
#12Shadoxlamer :)  May 7 2008, 23:20 PM -
Replays: 9 Game:
Well I shall correct you on just one thing von nubby tongue.gif

It's not that Nagi have a negative multiplier vs heavy infantry, but rather it's supposed to balance out back to 1.0 vs heavy infantry dealing 28 damage(with no upgrades) to heavy infantry(then subtract their melee resist thingy) because their first multiplier is 1.5 vs ALL infantry including heavy infantry, I don't remember the exact number for vs heavy inf, but if you multiply that multiplier vs the one vs all infantry it should come out as 1.0.
#13TheBengals3  May 8 2008, 00:51 AM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Coyotes get countered like Hussars, Uhlans, Axe Rdiers or any other cav. Since historically Aztecs didn't have horses they replaced a horse with this horse like unit.
#14Cerbykins  May 8 2008, 01:29 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Anything with a bonus vs a furry boot (the graphic) gets a bonus vs light inf. In some cases if the counter is for coyotes or eagles then it isn't displayed, because it's a counter to that unit alone (which the game can't really display), although it's locked up in the file someplace. For almost all intents and purposes, coyotes are a hand cav and eagles are a dragoon (minus the arty bonus, but they chuck fast anyway).

Doesn't really surprise me this messy setup has confused people. wacko.gif
Not sure I'm totally certain myself. tongue.gif

Similar to the 'counters 1 unit but doesn't say so in game' issue is the rounding issue that makes multipliers like 2.25 appear as 2.3 in-game.

Not ES' finest achievements. tongue.gif
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#15rokk66  Jul 1 2008, 18:08 PM -
Replays: 13 Game:
Hope you like the review biggrin.gif I tried to follow your layout bowdown.gif
#16Cerbykins  Jul 1 2008, 19:06 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
It is helpful, and much thanks for it. I'll get to a better address of it soon - some things like the herding, I obviosuly do badly and need to fix. Others like putting the hut forward....well...there are some civs that's asking for trouble, and Japan's a civ I would not be so brave to fb against, since it probably just means I'll lose my hut. tongue.gif
But like I said, I'll get to it later, probably an edit on this post. The layout is not mine, I just follow the template. But thumbs up in the meantime. thumb.gif
It's always good to have other opinions, regardless of whether they can be considered right or wrong, since if no-one speaks up the only thing you have to base on is your own judgement. tongue.gif

Edit: Right....I said I would go into further detail. biggrin.gif
FB, obviously, some civs I just don't dare - civs that do FB I would think twice about in a mirror for example.
The strategy...I do want a force to raid, and early. If nothing else I want troops to cover home, FF only ever gets me killed. tongue.gif On the other hand, even though an all-out rush is possible the fact is it is not guaranteed to work so I want something to come back to if it's a total washout (and often it is, or only does partial damage). So instead, I put the hut somewhere where it'll help, but I get to keep it wink.gif - I rush, but I don't kill the vill production to do it. I'll be brutally honest and say I don't really know where the best balance lies - I would rather ship some more units to try and edge me over critical mass, than ship a few vill that might get killed -anyway- before they ever get to do good. Also discouraging is often the other civ booms way better (Japs, Brits, Dutch, etc.) so I would rather take a swipe at him than boost an econ game that'll lose anyway.

Herding - without a doubt, I don't really have a set approach - some games I do more and some less. This tip will help that big.

Market - unfortunately this one I know about - in the push to get the mil game won quite often I forget to buy the market techs, or even build the market at all. 10m is about ok, but forgetting the improvements is not. sad.gif See earlier point on nerves! biggrin.gif Is there is a set time you should start thinking about it, some event I can bind it to to help remind me...?

Aggression - mostly this is my fault in a different way, I stuck it out in his base and got killed. tongue.gif The theory was, if I could take as many vills as I could, I would cripple the Japan eco and once rebuilt I would still have a greater mass than him. It's still too excessive here, but Japan is notoriously hard to raid and with many of the better Japan players you will not even get a sniff of a villager, VeryFunny.gif so I feel the pressure to make a mark on him and get that eco down. biggrin.gif
With my army flat, obviously I can't patrol his border at all. biggrin.gif
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#17rokk66  Jul 2 2008, 21:36 PM -
Replays: 13 Game:
Im glad you like the review biggrin.gif . Of course there will always be points of the game that cannot be agreed upon as playing the game in the moment compared to watching the game are two totally different elements. Its alot easier for me to say to build more forward to harrass much more aggressively, being able to see from both players point of view. However, I understand the fear of building forward and losing your hut as well. What I mentioned was just the text book of a successfull rush, of course, there are exceptions to every rule cool2.gif

As far as the market goes...I also struggle with getting it up, unless im france because I have just developed that out of habit and include it on every one of my strategies. A good system you ask..? Thats a very good question that my only answer can be, that it must take experience and habit to remember your market wacko.gif
#18Cerbykins  Jul 3 2008, 04:12 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
There are just some civs where if you FB, because they're better at the early rush than you (at least in terms of getting it out, and the right troops at the right time), all you'll get is scrap wood. tongue.gif
Japan's just one of those civs that tends to ruin most plans. sad.gif
Not unbeatable though. Before DJ kicks off...! wink.gif

The market...well - with other habits, you might have the habit of going to age up as soon as you hit 17-pop (oh whatever it is at the time). If there's a similar milestone, I could tie the market into it. But that requires knowing when is most ideal to put it up at all. tongue.gif
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