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The Asian Dynasties

Luigi vs kiljardi

#1firgli  Mar 24 2008, 01:52 AM -
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Probably last germ recs you'll see from me in a while, getting a little bored of them tongue.gif

Well, did 3 germ mirrors with kiljardi, all were pretty nice imo. This was the first one on honshu.. He booms a little early on while I try to put some pressure early with xbow and early uhlan.
Some nice fights incl some fights at sea (lost some caravels unncessecary but my comp lags in sea fights so dont blame me on that!). In the end he played too defensive and runs out of coin. He ages up to get vet xbows, but will those work vs my uhlan?
#2BHcataclysm  Mar 24 2008, 02:43 AM -
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Dang, now I gotta find somone else posting expert German recs?
Will watch as usual. Keep up the excellent games.
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