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The Asian Dynasties

Dj Kaiser vs Cerbykins

#1Dj_KaIsEr  Apr 9 2008, 03:58 AM -
Replays: 8 Game:
those negative bonus archers got vs cav and abstractcoyoteman made aztec pseudo-cav a hell annoying biggrin.gif I think chinese players are having a very hard time after 1.01 patch not only due to the total destruction of the widely known disciple ff, but the only banner army which can give you two anti-cav units is the Ming Army, but its mediocre cost-effectiveness makes you still stick with han for colo warfare.
Me and cerbykins were making experiences with the civs after 1.01, especially china vs aztecs. During this match, with a little aid from his firepit, coyotes could pwn some qiangs lol, but a fortunate counter-attack helped me get the edge and time to age up, then OP iron flails with china fortress army took a piece in the action thum.gif
I'd gladly like someone to review this match, especially hints about 1.01 china early game, steppes riders are a bit crappy and I'm having difficult to counter too many coyotes without heavy micro
#2Cerbykins  Apr 9 2008, 05:42 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Touch arrogant on my part in this one, I got fat on treasures and thought "wth go for it, to hell with micro". But DJK is no fool, and it hurt bad. tongue.gif
#3KaiserVonNuben  Apr 10 2008, 15:46 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
GG guys. Nice fights all around. This was an interesting match in the sense that for most of the game neither side had traditional heavy cavalry until the Iron Flails showed up. Steppe Riders are annoying, but with only 150 HP they go down pretty easy and you can't spam them. I thought the massed coyotes would have been more effective in the big fights after the RI nerf, but I guess DJK just had so many Cho Ku Nus that they could pick them off with one volley each time. And the pikes were pretty good at holding off the coyotes, too, with the light infantry damage modifier. For China, Big Old Han looks like the order of the day post-1.01. DJK used it well here, and I got thrashed a couple times with it also, Cerby ohmy.gif , so "you are not alone." I knew China would still be strong without disciple lamerism; the Old Han massing plus super Age 2 military cards give them a huge colonial force to work with.

Btw, nice use of the firepit to crank out coyotes quick, then give them more damage. I noticed that Cerby had more villies throughout the game, but those Chinese hordes just kept coming. I kept saying to myself: "Where is all that food coming from??" I always admire Russian and Chinese players who can generate enough food for those huge block military purchases while still finding a few crumbs for constant villie production.

One last thing: What can the Aztecs really do in colonial as anti-cav? Yeah, they have the Puma spearmen, but who wants a gold-based econ so early? Coyotes are not pure anti-cav, and maces are toast against horses. What can the Aztecs do here?

#4Cerbykins  Apr 11 2008, 10:03 AM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Recently I had a match where my ISP dropped me in it...but while the game was on it's way down we had one more battle - at was an aztec vs aztec and I had about 20 pumas while he had a ton of coyotes. Pumas didn't even get a sniff in. sad.gif

Guess it's coyote spam all the way, and the spears are just a cute afterthought. At least where other Aztecs are concerned.
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