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The Asian Dynasties

First replay, yaaay!

#1|elder|Kiltec  Oct 25 2007, 14:43 PM -
banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif
#2TDA  Oct 25 2007, 15:08 PM -
banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gif banana.gifbanana.gif
#3meast  Oct 25 2007, 15:14 PM -
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Thanks for posting, i wont be able to watch for a week or so but still biggrin.gif
How are you finding TAD~?
#4DanaEileithyia  Oct 25 2007, 15:18 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Meast they don't have TAD tongue.gif. They only used the replay to make this system comfortable with TAD replays happy.gif

I can't wait either to have TAD, have to wait till 8 November cry.gif
#5manche_de_pelle  Oct 25 2007, 16:06 PM -
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TAD is supposed to be released since at least yesterday and still cant find it anywhere
#6FlyingWasp  Oct 25 2007, 16:48 PM -
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You guys are sneaky. smile.gif
#7Terminator0  Oct 26 2007, 06:28 AM -
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I have had this game since the 23rd. I ordered it with EB Games.
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