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Cerby vs Rokk

#11rokk66  Jul 11 2008, 16:52 PM -
Replays: 13 Game:
Well, I did have some dragoons I just didn't scout well enough and didn't realize how many hussars he had. I had too many skirms and not enough protection and so I got wasted.

And as for my Micro...well cerby just out classed me blush.gif
#12Cerbykins  Jul 11 2008, 19:11 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
Having had a couple nights to consider it, on the skill issue I think it would be far safer to say, my skill in -everything- is all over the place atm so it would be better to simply get down to it and see where the new 'average' performance comes out at. I couldn't FF to save my PR and that's the honest truth tongue.gif - so my options are a little shorter than you'd think. Also, as stated earlier I really haven't done French rated in anything other than vanilla and at the time I didn't get to look at any info sources so it's not a shock the strat is old tosh. biggrin.gif

Rokk's econ strength can't be underestimated, I've seen more than enough replays and his is certainly better run than most, surpluses or not. At least if you have the surplus, you can spend it late - if you forget to build the econ up at all, you can't do anything to claw back that loss. There's good reason he's captain, and if the micro were a bit tighter he'd quickly be a major or more. smile.gif

As for Cerby, best to see how it all pans out, a lot's changed in the background and to be a little cliche, I need to rediscover myself. biggrin.gif
(Won't be giving Aztec up for French though. tongue.gif )
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