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Ask the Developer Winners Announced!

By methuselah - 18th August 2015 - 17:51 PM

Congratulations Commanders numerous good questions were asked and they have been answered! Each of our winners will recieve 2,000 Tiberium Alliances funds, enjoy the bounty while we all enjoy the insight! Questions, and and answers below!

Do the developers play Tiberium Alliances in their free time? DGA_Sauron

Yes we do, we actually play a lot. We even have the one and other who plays in the top ranks of his worlds. Some people really play to become the best players while others try to understand the players and decisions better, actually to understand how others play our game, it is very important to do that. We also try to play as much without Funds as possible to get an idea how it is and how we can balance it. The discussions in the alliance chats are very good input for us and as nobody knows who we are, we can gather a lot of good information which will help the game. Before we touch the balancing, we also do a lot of tests on live servers and calculate how new values and changes could affect what we just did.

Will the maximum level of 65 ever increased? leo7044

If there is a real demand, we could think about it. However, we don't like the idea to just increase values and numbers, we would rather implement mechanics that keep you on a world longer and more entertained. What we are working on right now are mini bosses and boss NPCs for example.

What do the devs think about the people who get angry about a particular aspect of a game, whether it be the storyline, customization, gameplay, and so on. Do they take it personally, completely ignore it, work with it? MefMefril

Well, this is something everybody will have to live with when creating things for a lot of different people and groups. Of course, itīs not always nice to see people hating on us or even insulting us, but we have to accept that not everybody likes how we change things. When we work with the community we try to realize things as much in community favor as possible, ultimately, itīs a game for the players, but there will always be those people you just canīt get happy. We donīt ignore them, we always listen to the thoughts of our players, even if they could formulate it a little nicer, but there is always something you can take away from your players feedback, good or bad.

Is there any chance of being able to tag bases. Visible only within our alliance, but attached to a given base. mcwebtree

This is actually something we are working on right now and will release with 15.3 A system to set markers and waypoints for your alliance. A first teaser can be found on our Facebook channel, and I think this is an amazing feature which is long overdue. You will love it!

We're going to be doing more of these in the near future so if you have some good questions and/or you would like some free TA funds then get your questions ready! To congratulate the winners join the Ask the Developer conversation now!

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