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Tip of the Week #7 - Chat and Messaging

By Windonut - 30th September 2012 - 16:00 PM

Date: September 30, 2012
Game: Tiberium Alliances, patch September 20, 2012
Author: Windonut
You're in the heat of battle, it's going on hard, and many people's lives are lost. Nearly both sides got completely shattered to pieces, with a million of sacrifices. They weren't able to talk to each other to come to a fine solution, and that was the reason they both got defeated. Luckily, in Tiberium Alliances there's a great chat and message function that gives alliances as players to perfectly communicate. In most cases it's essential, since it gives the necessity of diplomacy a huge boost. There are some secrets within chatting though, that might need to be known in order to chat even more efficiently.

First of all, there's the message function. This function allows people to send messages to one or more persons, with information about other bases, enemies or simply to have a nice little chat. To send a message simply click the message button in the top of the screen. Create a message by clicking New Message. Now, to choose a recipients, you can simply fill in his name, or use the more simple function. Click the My Commanders button in the top, and choose who you want to send your message to. This can be to your commanders, your alliance, or to any other alliance where you have a diplomacy with. This way you can send a message to more than 1 person, without the need of manually writing down all the names. Please note that if you are sending the message manually, meaning that the name is manually written down, capitals are important.

Now, the message can contain just words, however there's more. You can add coordinates, players, URLs, quotes and more. Here's a quick summary of the BB codes that you're able to use in your messages/chats:

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Using one of these BB codes in a message, will change the color to blue, meaning that you're able to click on it. If you're trying to tell somebody to look at the coordinates 800:800, you simply need to type:


If you want to add additional text for it, say for example ''Look at me!'', simply type:

[coords]800:800:Look at me![/coords]

This way, the one who will receive it, receives the text ''Look at me!'' written in blue, and if clicked on, the camera will automatically go to 800:800. This is the same system that works with chatting, so all the BB codes above are also available in the chat, no strings attached. The chat system however, has one additional function.

The chat is the box that's by default in the left bottom corner. It's divided by four different channels; Alliance channel, Whisper (private) channel, Officer's channel and the All Channel. The Alliance Channel is basically the channel that your whole alliance can read if they are online at that particular time. It's perfect for meetings or any discussions whatsoever. The whisper channel basically works like a private message. In order to activate this channel, you first need to whisper somebody. You can whisper somebody by typing the following:

/w(whisper) Name Message

If you start of with /w, the game will automatically change that word to /whisper, so you don't need to type out the full word. Now the name is basically the player you want to send a message to. The whisper is a message that's written in pink. It's also worth to note that you can use the whisper function to chat with members from other alliances - this is especially useful when coordinating attacks with your allies.

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Let's put all we learned to the test, I want to send a message to somebody with the following information:
  • Coordinates of a Forgotten Base I want to kill
  • A player that's nearby that might be dangerous
  • Add the Alliance that we're in
  • Add the website of GameReplays
The BB Codes that I need to fill in in this case are:


The Forgotten Base we're going to


is located at [coords]800:800:This position[/coords].

However, the player [player]Windonut[/player]

is nearby who might be [b]dangerous[/b]

He's in the alliance [alliance]GameReplays.org[/alliance].

Their website is [url=http://www.GameReplays.org/tiberiumalliances]www.GameReplays.org/tiberiumalliances[/url]


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The chat and message function is an important, if not the most important part of the game. Therefor it's necessary to understand the BB codes, so that the message comes out clearly. Communication is the way to conquer, however communication must be done properly. If the chat mechanics are understood, messaging goes fast and easy. Also, the BB codes used in messages are useful for example forums and website designing. It's a big deal, that should be understood. However understanding it will just need some practice, you'll get there!

Good luck in Command and Communicating commanders!