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Tip of the Week #4 - Forming an Attack

By foofightersrule - 13th August 2012 - 07:00 AM

Date: August 13, 2012
Game: Tiberium Alliances, patch August 1, 2012
Author: foofightersrule
Forming an attack in Tiberium Alliances is the most tricky task the game demands of you. It's what separates the men from the boys... And the women from girls too!

Below you can see our example defense of a level 21 outpost. The Construction Yard is in the third column from the right, all the way in the rear of the base with a few buildings in front of it. Safe to say, if we can get our anti-structure units past the defense, unharmed, we will have no problem taking it down. So how do we go about doing that?

***Note, pay no attention to the unit health levels, let's pretend they're all full health.***

First Wave

As GDI, it's usually not a good idea to send air craft first. They have the unique ability to fly over other units, and by doing so, allows you to engage the defense with two waves simultaneously. Air units are also: fast, lethal and lightly armored (except for the flying tank, a.k.a. the Kodiak). So, if you send them first, there's a good chance they'll be dead before your second wave arrives. Of course there are exceptions such as little to no anti-air units or structures, but those situations are rare.

Now sending air first here would work pretty well, there's just a lone Missile Squad in the first few rows but our aircraft can be far more effective if we send a slower wave first so we can draw the defenses in to our death trap and make sure they're all dead before our building smashers arrive. If we send air first there's a decent chance some of the defenses will slip through their fingers as they smash into that wall of Flak, leaving some defenses to linger around and deal fatal blows to our anti-structure units.

Riflemen would be ideal to begin the charge, as they often are. A big reason being, they'll impede the progress of our units, they'll begin to bunch up and fire over the infantry if they're long ranged, or just ensure that our forces are as compact as possible so we can get as many double teams as possible.

There are many infantry units to the right, in our path to the Construction Yard and the Riflemen are slow enough that our air units will be able to engage any major threat to them before they actually reach it, except for that pesky Bowler in the front. A pair of Zone Troopers would be perfect but we don't have access to those yet, instead we can send a lone Predator. We also need to draw in the anti infantry units so they'll be killed by our forces before our Missile Squads arrive to take out the Construction Yard. So, now we've got our bait set and we're ready to send in the killing machines!

Second Wave

You guessed it, our second wave is going to be our aircraft. There are no Scrap Buses to worry about so our Paladins are going to be free do wreak some major havoc to those vehicles. Our aircraft will probably hit right at the perfect time so the Predator and Paladin can double team the Scooper, the Orcas and Riflemen can quadruple or quintuple team team the Rocket Fist, Forgotten and Missile Squad, then zoom past and take out the Sniper before our Riflemen reach it, and the far right Paladin will zoom past and kill the far-right Bowler before our Riflemen reach it. So now our brave Riflemen are sitting pretty, ready to take out that last Forgotten Squad at the very top and also hopefully deal some significant damage to that Flak on the top right.

We're also sending a Guardian to help distract and do some damage to that MG nest in the front so our Paladin can scoot by unharmed to deal its damage. Might as well do something marginally useful with it, it will most likely die anyway. The reason we didn't send it with the first wave is, it would've caused the Rocket Fist to go too far to the left, be out of the range of our Riflemen and most likely turn into a pest that would refuse to die, taking out our Predator and then slipping back beneath our air units.

We also have a spare Predator (not pictured) that will have no meaningful use, so we could send it just to the left of our Guardian to help draw MG fire so our Guardian can be more effective. Anyway, on to the third wave!

Third Wave

Here comes our slow, but mighty building smashers. Sending the Pitbull up the far right works out perfectly for a couple reasons. One, there are no puddles or oil slicks to slow it down, so it will hopefully reach the Flak at the top right to help take it down before the Firehawks arrive. And secondly, it is still in range of the Construction Yard, without taking up any spots that are useful for our Missile Squads, how fortuitous!

The placement of the Missile Squads is simple, they're centered below the Construction Yard. They'll slowly march their way to the Construction Yard, mostly unharmed thanks to our selfless, heroic air units and brave Riflemen!

Also, our other Guardian is there to hopefully bring down that pesky MG nest, but if not, do enough damage so that our far left Missile Squad can get by without taking too much damage. If it does take damage it's not a big deal, as we have plenty of anti-structure redundancy built in to this attack. We have a total of 8 anti-structure units that could fulfill meaningful roles in bringing down the Construction Yard. So on to the final wave.

Fourth Wave

Firehawks should almost always go last unless there's a Buster that needs to be taken out and there's no other good way to do it. The reason for that is, they're incredibly fast. Our units need time to clear the defenses before they arrive. We'll position our two highest level Firehawks out of danger and in range of the Construction Yard, the far left Firehawk will probably, sadly, die to the flak in the middle, and the Firehawk on the far right will help take out buildings to conserve the higher level Firehawk ammo, and also our Pitbull ammo.

There you have it, an attack with a great chance of success and fairly minimal losses. Air will be the hardest hit as our two Orcas and two Paladins will probably take heavy damage from that pesky Flak at the top, and a Firehawk that will most likely die to the Flak in the middle. So we're probably looking at losing about half of our air force, so depending on the level of the repair facilities, that will probably be around two hours of repair. Not too shabby for an outpost two levels above our army!

Now it would be nice to see how this attack actually plays out but unfortunately this target was destroyed. However, based on the reasoning above it is quite likely this attack will succeed. Perhaps there will be future installments where we can show you the end result. Thanks to Couch for letting us borrow his army!