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Tip of the Week #9 - Mobile Construction Vehicle

By phoenixsilver - 14th October 2012 - 14:42 PM

Date: October 14, 2012
Game: Tiberium Alliances, patch September 20, 2012
Author: phoenixsilver
For GDI, they look like AT-AT walkers from Star Wars. For Nod, they look like massive beetles. Here is everything you need to know about Mobile Construction Vehicles.

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If you've ever wanted more Credits, Tiberium, or Crystals in Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliances, then you probably know that to do this you need to make more refineries or harvesters. Now, since there are limited construction spots available in your main base as you will probably have a Command Centre, Defence Facility, and other buildings, you will probably need more slots in order to make more Harvesters or Refineries.

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This is especially important if you are a relaxed player and get the majority of your tiberium and crystals from harvesting. So, how do you get more slots in your base? You don't. Instead, you research and deploy an Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV), which is a special item which allows you to found another base. This base is exactly like your first and can be dedicated to whichever purpose you require. You can use it as a Tiberium/Crystal farm, or if you wish a Credit farm. Either way, a second base will give you a massive boost in production.

So, how do you get a second base? First of all, go to the research tab on the top bar while in game. Then go to the 'Special' tab inside the Research box. Inside the 'Special' category should be three items, one of which will be the MCV. Then, if you have sufficient resources, click 'Research' to research the MCV. After this, close the research box and go to the right hand side of your screen and click 'Found base'. In the image this is highlighted yellow.

After this, you can name, place, and access your brand new base. First off, you should start by upgrading your Construction Yard and getting lots of Power Plants. Power cannot be transferred between bases so you need to make it in the base in which it will be used. With the power you can build anything you want, primarily harvesters and refineries, as well as some defence. You may want to use some of your Tiberium/Crystals in your other base to fuel your new one. To do this, you will need to transfer them. If you want to transfer your resources, you need to access the base you want to receive the transferred goods. Then, click the transfer resources button at the top of your base options (sell, upgrade, move building).

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A box should appear in the middle of the game. Select the base from which you want to take the resources, and enter an amount at the bottom of the box. Alternatively select a percentage of that base's resources. Depending on the amount you wish to transfer, you will have to pay credits. A bigger transfer means a greater amount of credits, so make sure you stock up on credits if you regularly transfer resources.

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After entering the information, confirm the transfer and you will receive the transferred resources in your other base. With these you can build or upgrade whatever you wish. Now you know how to research and deploy an MCV to get a second base. Remember, you can have more than two bases. You can keep on researching MCVs - although beware - the cost of each MCV raises each time.

We hope you have enjoyed this tip and use your new base to help power your way through the battlefield. Farewell commanders, and good luck!