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Tip of the Week #2 - New Base Layout

By foofightersrule - 17th May 2012 - 18:27 PM

Date: May 17, 2012
Game: Tiberium Alliances, patch May 9, 2012
Author: foofightersrule
Greetings Commanders. Ever wish you could pick where the Tiberium and Crystal patches will be in your new base? Here's a little trick you can use to make your new bases the best they can possibly be! Big thanks to MLM-NL for bringing this to our attention!

How it works:

All Camps, Outposts and Bases that spawn at the same coordinates will have the exact same layout, both in the base, with the Tiberium and Crystal patches, and the defense as well, with all the oil slicks, banana peels and red shells... oops wrong game!

What you need to do:

The first thing you need to do is browse the Forgotten Camps, Outposts and Bases around your base, looking for the layout that best suits your needs. Don't go searching through your battle history though, the only patches visible there are ones that are occupied with harvesters, the other patches could be anywhere else!

These targets have either five Tiberium and seven Crystal patches, six Tiberium and six Crystal patches, or seven Tiberium and five Crystal patches. Depending on your needs you will probably want to maximize one type of resource production. For example, if you wish to make a Credit farming base, you should mainly consider camps with seven Tiberium patches.

You should also look for layouts that have the patches close to each other. Continuing the Credit farm example, you should look for targets which make it possible to have most of your Refineries touch several Tiberium patches; and as a bonus, have Crystals nearby to increase the power output of the Power Plants you will place next to your Refineries.

You should start looking several days before your MCV is ready so you can browse a lot of different Camps and Outposts. Once you have your layout picked out, make a note of the coordinates for when you have the resources ready to research a new MCV.

Here's a camp with a great Tiberium layout, perfect for a Credit farm!

As a reward for your brave attack (or you could just wait for it to disappear so you don't have to waste your Command Points) on this level 14 Camp, you may found your new base on the exact same spot and take the layout for your own, even the defense obstructions are exactly the same!

Hopefully this little trick will make your new bases much more profitable. Good luck and happy hunting commanders!