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Tip of the Week #5 - Refineries

By Windonut - 21st August 2012 - 07:17 AM

Date: August 21, 2012
Game: Tiberium Alliances, patch August 1, 2012
Author: Windonut
A huge bubble bath filled with green goo that generates cash. We'd all love to take a dive in it, but before that we need put on those goggles and understand the mechanics behind Refineries. Refineries are at most importance, because that next MCV you've been dying to get will cost you a truck filled with Credits. Also, Refineries are the only resource generators without a bonus production Point of Interest (PoI). Points of Interest are for example the Crystal Compounds and the Reactors across the whole map, which give a bonus if that territory is held by you and/or your alliance. So when it comes to Credit production, you're on your own, and that's why a good understanding of the building is needed. The only corner where Credits like to be spent at, is under the research tab. The green bubble bath is essential for your next MCV and one step closer to conquering the map.


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Let's start simple, a Refinery produces Credits in two ways. It has continuous production /h and package production. The explaination is simple, continuous production is the production that will go on every moment of the day. The package production is the production that you'll receive every time you open a package that pops up right ontop of the Refinery. These two productions have differences though, the package production is affected by the level of your Refinery. For example, a package on a level 10 Refinery will contain less Credits than a package on a level 20 Refinery. The continuous production is a bit more complicated. The continuous production is affected by Tiberium patches (there doesn't have to be a Harvester on the Tiberium patch) and Power Plants. To achieve this you have to connect the Refineries to the Tiberium patches and Powerplants. You can connect them by simply placing next, under and above eachother. If you want to know for sure wether your Refineries are connected, simply hold your mouse on the Refinery, and small arrows will pop up.

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Credit production is all about the combinations and positioning. What will give the highest production and why? Let's take a look at a few examples to scetch an image. The rectangle around the numbers and images show the Credit production /h and to which supporting unit it is connected to (Power Plant or Tiberium patch).

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As you can see, the Refinery that is connected to two Tiberium and one Power Plant gives more production (632 Credits /h) than a Refinery that is connected to two Power Plants and one Tberium (611 Credits /h). This doesn't seem like a big difference, but as we progress to higher level Refineries, the difference will be significantly bigger. So the conclusion would be that a connection with more Tiberium than Power Plants gives a higher Credit production. This means that Refineries will always have a higher production in combination with a Tiberium patch.

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What you see right here contradicts the first pictures, because in this example two Power Plants connected to the Refinery give more Credits /h than two Harvesters. There is one simple reason for that, and that is the fact that the level of the Power Plant affects the Credit /h production. This means that a level 30 Power Plant connected to a Refinery, gives more Credit /h than a level 20 Power Plant connected to a Refinery of the same level. If you are in the position that you have to choose between a connection with two Power Plants or two Tiberium patches, the Power Plants would give you more benefit.

If you combine the two stories, it would have to mean that Refineries have to be connected to Tiberium, and Power Plants have to be connected to Refineries. This is where the tricky part starts, because if you move a Power Plant you don't want to lose Power /h production. Try to have the Refineries connected to as much as possible.

There's a lot of combinations possible, connected to three Tiberium and two Power Plants, connected to four Power Plants and one Tiberium, the possibilities are nearly endless. That is why the best way to design your Refinery location is just testing them out. There is a smart ingame function that helps you come up with the best possible Refinery position. If you move a Refinery to a different location, have a look next to the ''$'' logo in the top bar of your screen. After moving, the numbers will change to either red or green. If the numbers changed to for example +3000 written in green, that means your production just went up with 3000 /h. If the numbers are red, you made a loss. Try to move everything around in the base untill you get the best possible production output. There is one thing that makes it really easy, there's no limit of production! You can just keep buying those bubble baths untill you get the production that you want. Keep in mind though, always try to have a Refinery connected to at least two Tiberium patches or Power Plants. This way you'll always get more production than by putting them in the open without any connections.

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8.902 Credits /h extra, good! Looks like we just got 7.7981.520 Credits per year extra!

Farm base

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When it comes down to Credit production, there is no ''perfect set-up''. The Refineries are great buildings that you can experiment with. Move them, sell them, add them, upgrade them, do whatever gives the most production. There is no limit! Above is a good example of how Refineries should be connected, as every single one of them is connected to at least two Tiberium patches or Power Plants.

We wish you commanders good luck in loading your truck with cash, and take a dive in the world of the Refineries!