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Guide Contest Results and Tip of the Week #10 - Distracting Units.

By DJ_Chill - 1st March 2013 - 18:20 PM

Greetings Commanders!

A couple of months ago, the Tiberium Alliances section on GameReplays.org announced a Guide Contest, where any member of the community could submit a video or written Tip/Guide.

Now the contest is closed, a winner has been decided.

panicforce was the clear winner out of all the entrants, after an excellent guide on distracting defending units during an attack was submitted. The prizes that have been won includes:

1,000 free to play funds!
A 1 week increase in your command points to 900!
A 30 day increase in repair time to 18 hours!

Congratulations to panicforce! Want to read through his guide? Well here it is!

Date: March 1, 2013
Game: Tiberium Alliances, patch February 21, 2013
Author: PanicForce


Hello, I am PanicForce from the "United Alliance" on server 49. I am here to teach you one simple way to use the enemy AI to your advantage. For this trick, you will be using a single weak unit to shoot at a wall and distract the enemy defences. The idea is that the weak unit will spend the full two minute attack duration time firing at that wall and will never break through. You can then send other units (typically air units like bombers) through the enemy lines to kill important buildings.


In order to do this trick, you should ideally have rocket militants if you are NOD or pitbulls if you are GDI. Other units will work, but these units are best because their extended range helps control the position more accurately, and they will stop to attack nearby walls.

Picking a Target

Not every base is vulnerable to this tactic, and it is not always the best choice. If you can distract the enemy units and get your bombers to the Construction Yard unharmed, then this tactic is much better than sending your whole army to death. If your bombers barely get through, and you need to send them 9 times, it may have been better to send everything 5 times and kill the base like normal. This tactic may also work by sending your Rocket Squad or Pitbull to attack other buildings that do not fight back - such as a Flak Tower or Barbed Wire - but Walls have more health and are almost guaranteed to live long enough for this tactic to work. After all, that is why they are there to begin with - to slow your attack down!


I have assembled a brief walkthrough from a successful attack I made using the level 1 Rocket Squad trick. The first picture below shows the base before I assembled my offence. The big green box shows the enemy Construction Yard. Notice that it is right in front - that means that the bombers will not run out of ammo before reaching the Construction Yard. The red circles around enemy units show which forces could hit my bombers if the enemy units all stood still. This means that those units need to be moved away so that I have a clear path to the enemy Construction Yard. I can send my level 1 Rocket Militant Squad to attack the right side of the wall and distract the enemy Snipers and Forgotten, and I can place a reckoner behind my rocket to distract the Mammoth. I will also need the Reckoner to distract a Scooper (highlighted in yellow) because the Scooper is pinning a Forgotten to the left Wall.

IPB Image

The second picture shows the enemy units as my bomber is approaching. The lines indicate the targets for the enemy units. Notice that the enemy is not in range of my Rocket Squad, so he is going to stand there until the two minute timer runs out, and the Reckoner is stuck behind the rocket. All of the important enemy units are tied up trying to reach my Rocket Squad and Reckoner, and they never will. The anti-air units (with yellow lines) are trying to reach the bomber but they are slowed too much by the oil slicks and scrubs. I did send some Cobras to weaken the Scrap Bus and get the Missile Squads to shift right first, so they would spend more time reaching the bombers - that is what caused the explosion you see over the Wall.

IPB Image

The third picture shows the enemy formation as my bomber passes by. Notice that the anti-air units did not make it far enough to wound my bomber at all, and all of the anti-ground units are still tied up in the middle. The arrow shows the wall that my Rocket Squad is attacking. The Wall eventually survived all 2 minutes of fire from the Rocket Militants, but the enemy Construction Yard died on the second attack.

IPB Image


The level 1 Rocket Squad trick cannot be used every time, but I have used it to bypass many otherwise-difficult forgotten bases. Whenever you face a strong (high-level) Forgotten base, remember that this method can be used to keep enemies out of the path of your bombers without killing them. Also, this trick can be used to distract enemies even though you know you could defeat them without it in order to reduce repair time costs.

Thankyou to PanicForce for your submission to this contest!