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The Spy Game - Purging Your Alliance

By phoenixsilver - 20th March 2013 - 16:23 PM

If you own or are high up in an active alliance, chances are you have an enemy, or will pretty soon. Unfortunately, getting enemies is inevitable if you want your alliance and its members to progress in the game, and those enemies can use some nasty tricks (such as spying) to get information from your alliance. This tip will explain how you can purge your alliance for traitors and spies. So listen up - you might need this information at any time.

So, how do you recognize spies and traitors? Some people have their own doubts about people, but the tips below will teach you how to recognize spies and traitors.

1. Check for over-enthusiastic and over-active members. People who are over-enthusiastic may be trying too hard to get information.

2. Send a message to all the members in the alliance saying you are going to attack all the alliances around you (but specify names). Then, give the details of some very important Point of Interest owned by your enemies, and tell them to attack it 48 hours after they receive the message. If you find an unusual (and sudden) gathering of enemies at those Point of Interests after the message has been sent out, you probably have a traitor in your midst.

3. Regularly check raids and attacks. This is very obvious - check who your alliance is attacking, and why. Does it bring any advantage to your alliance, or somebody else?

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Now - how do you make sure somebody is a spy? After all, you don't want to get rid of innocent members.

1. Send them details of an 'important mission' that only they can know about. Check to see what happens. For example, in capturing a POI, do the enemies around the POI go away and leave the POI alone (making sure the member gets a successful mission and your trust, even though they are a spy), or do they attack?

2. Read every message they send closely. They may be telling you things they don't know they're telling you.

3. Spy on suspected alliances. Retaliate and have your own spies - they may be able to find spies in YOUR alliance.

Ways to get rid of a spy - you don't want to waste an opportunity, do you?

1. Exile them. Yes, easy peasy.

2. Message the other alliance spying on you, naming the spy, then exile him or her.

3. Destroy their bases, then exile them.

We hope that these tips have proved useful to rooting out traitors in your alliance. Good luck, Commanders.

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