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Tiberium Alliances Userscripts

By mrBeeKay - 26th January 2013 - 20:34 PM

Dear Community Members and Commanders, today we are looking on a rather important topic of Tiberium Alliances: Userscripts and their usability. This how-to will be about the most common scripts for Tiberium Alliances that are used by the Community. In this topic we'll list scripts that will make your life as a commander much easier and the main focus will be on a short description of the tools and how to rate them for your everyday use in the game. First of all you should be ensured that your browser is capable of using the Scripts, so for Firefox you will need the add-on Greasemonkey: Greasemonkey Download

Google Chrome Users aren't in need of an add-on, the scripts can be tucked into Chrome directly, but if you want to use a script add-on, recommended that you use Tampermonkey which is the substitute to Greasemonkey of Firefox: Tampermonkey Download

Here is a list some of the most common userscripts that the community uses, giving a short explanation to it. All of these userscripts mentioned in this article are relating on the EA API, this means that they won't be broken with coming patches. First of all the most helpful script will be the Combat Simulator, that helps you to simulate your actual attack before wasting precious repair time. It helps you not only with a "replay-like" function of your actual attack, it comes with a boatload of statistics like repair time, unit health and enemy health.

There are three different versions of combat simulator, by different scriptwrighters, they mostly separate themselves in the user interface.

Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator

Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator by KRS'L is the "oldest one" of the simulators out there, it is based on the first simulator for Tiberium Alliances written by Leighton Whiting.

Bottom line: This add-on is light, always reliable, easy to start with and it's commonly used by the community.

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The Green Cross Combat Simulator

The Green Cross- Tiberium Alliances Combat Simulator by Peluski is an advanced simulator with a boatload of information and options (mirror army, save formation) coming with it. Recommended for experienced players.

Bottom line: This add-on might feel a bit overloaded, but it's probably the best simulator at the moment. This simulator gets updated on regular basis.

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Simple Combat Simulator

Simple Combat Simulator by Deyhak is easy to use, uses the official stuff and it's pretty reliable.

Coming to the next must-have Script called Tiberium Alliances Maelstrom Tools, a collection of tools which make your life much easier as a commander.

Tiberium Alliances Maelstrom Tools

Maelstrom Tools by M_Maelstrom and KRS'L creates a gigantic tool base for Tiberium Alliances, which will help you in over viewing your bases, armies and support structures. Maelstrom Tools comes with a upgrading section which helps with input/output statistics to decide what to upgrade first and so on. It also has an auto-package collect button, also an auto-repair button which are superbly handy for the lazy ones out there. Another feature would be hiding the mission tracker and showing the time that is needed till you can research your next MCV. On top of everything, it gives you a loot summary when hovering a Forgotten Camp/Base/Outpost and a lot of other cool features.

Bottom line: MUST HAVE, maybe the most powerful userscript for Tiberium Alliances. Important Note: Maelstrom Tools needs the API wrapper for all features API Wrapper

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CNC:OPT Link Button

CNC:OPT Link Button creates a "CNCOpt" button when selecting a base in TA. The share button takes you to http://cncopt.com/ and fills in the selected base information so you can analyze or share the base. This tool helps you optimizing your base layout; as an example, how to create more Power, Crystals and Credits. There will be a separate guide on CNC:OPT in the near future, this would take too much space here to describe everything fully.

Bottom line: Another must to have script, makes base optimization much less difficult.

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Another Fine support for Maelstrom Tools is the Maelstrom base scanner ADDON, which adds the Bases canner to Maelstrom Tools, that has been a separate script back in the days that has become included into Maelstrom.

Basescanner ADDON

Basescanner ADDON is another fine support for Maelstrom Tools. This adds the bases canner to Maelstrom Tools, that has been a separate script back in the days that has become included into Maelstrom. This tool scans the environment of your selected base for Camps/Bases/Outposts and lists them with a loot summary and even shows you their layout.

Bottom line: Great add-in into Maelstrom Tools which makes farming a lot easier and helps with picking a layout for a new base.

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Tiberium Alliances Title Mod

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Last but not least a tiny script called Tiberium Alliances Title Mod removes the number columns for your player name, great when having a substitute to your own account and best feature is the chat/whisper notification when surfing in other tabs.

Bottom line: Not necessary, but a handy helper when surfing around the net while farming.

That would be a first insight into the useful scripts that are available for Command and Conquer: Tiberium Alliances; there are also dozens of other scripts which you can discover by yourself. We hope you find these user scripts helpful, please feel free to ask if there are any questions.