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Faction Info: Masari

By R Schneider - 29th April 2010 - 16:14 PM


Masari is a macro intensive faction that requires precise execution of its complex build orders to be effective. A Masari player must find a balance between spending money on architects and spending it on units and structures. He must also maintain a balance between tasking his Architects on Matter Engines to increase income, and tasking them on production structures to increase unit production, as well as balance having many Architects to increase his bases' efficiency against having fewer Architects to free up population.

In the early stages of the game, Masari will often be in a defensive position if the other player chooses to be aggressive. Against Novus it takes a while to build up the infrastructure needed to match their unit production speed, and against Hierarchy Masari players will often find themselves having to defend their base against walkers by the time they have an army. The Masari economy also takes the longest to reach its full potential, but once it's running, it is the least fluctuating, most stable, and the easiest to protect. It doesn't even need resources, as the Masari Matter Engines generate resources on their own. However, if they are destroyed, anything next to them takes massive damage, so a Masari player still can't cuddle up in a corner completely.

To survive the early game against Novus, Masari relies on being cost-effective as a way of compensating for their inferior early-game unit production. The hero unit, Charos, is a good way to hold off early waves of units, buying time for the base to get up and running, as his Dark Vortex ability is not only effective against masses of weak units, but also literally buys time for the Masari player, sucking up units in the air, making them useless for the duration of the ability, and spreading them out by tossing them in random directions once the duration is over, forcing the attacker to regroup his army.

Two modes

The Masari have two modes - light and dark. These modes are changed globally, effecting every structure and unit on the map.

Light mode gives increased sight range, damage and attack range for most units, a burn effect that does damage over time for attacks, and transforms the Inquisitor and the Skylord into air units. In this mode, the Masari superweapon is Burning Wrath, a moving pillar of light controlled by the player that does damage as well as immolates everything it touches for damage over time.

Dark mode gives increased movement speed for most units, a slow effect for attacks, and Dark Matter Armor for all units, and with the right research, structures. Dark Matter Armor regenerates and must be destroyed first in order for the unit to take damage. This mode also transforms the Inquisitor and the Skylord into ground units. In this mode, the Masari superweapon is the Matter Storm - a static, yet large mass of whirling dark matter. It damages all enemies in it, but unlike Burning Wrath, does not pose a threat to your own units. In fact, with the right research, it can even heal their Dark Matter Armor.

Masari units vary a lot depending on their mode and on what research is purchased, as this not only changes their stats and basic attributes, but oftentimes their special abilities as well. This is also true for the Masari hero units, Zessus and Charos. Some units even attain completely different roles depending on mode and research. Since it is possible to spend research points on more than one tech tree, units can also gain multiple attributes. Changing to the right mode in the right time can mean the difference between defeat and victory.

Details (coming soon)

  • Masari Structures
  • Masari Units
  • Masari Research

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