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Hand-picked Replays

Do you fancy seeing quality Universe at War gameplay in action? GameReplays members and staff are always on the look-out for exceptional replays which may show high competitive quality, contain unusual strategies and tactics, be of educational value, or which are simply fun to watch!

This highly subjective and personal listing here reflects a community effort, and every single one of you is invited to send us suggestions for replays that you wish to be listed here. And with some luck, we might even have someone create a video commentary for some of them...

To browse our replay section, you may start with the complete list of all replays, sorted by submission date, or use the "Replay" menu at the top to view a specific subset of replays.

Now, without further ado, here are the GameReplays hand-picked UaW Replays!

The Replays

In no particular order.

Description: All-round solid play. Intense. Features an all-in strategy by the Hierarchy.

Description: "Pretty epic", said one of the participants.

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