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Novus general guide

By KlunG - 10th October 2007 - 20:27 PM

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Novus are a race of sentient machines bent on destroying the Hierarchy, with whom they have a grudge--something about destroying someone's homeworld and eliminating an entire species, etc etc. Novus are fast, mobile, and have some very advanced technology. They also have (in this writer's humble opinion) the coolest heroes available.

Playing Novus is about balancing speed with expansion. You can sacrifice neither in a tough game; you must attack quickly and often, and you must spread your flow and build your economy and flow network with equivalent speed. This can prove difficult, but that is what it takes to play Novus right.

This guide is going to focus less on specific strategy (as that can and will change often) and focus more on guidelines and tips on usage. But for those of you who are absolutely clueless, there will be a few build orders to get you started.