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Tip of the Week #3: Spreading viruses with The Founder

By vOddy - 29th March 2010 - 08:30 AM

You probably know that Viral Cascade is a good patch for defending, as viruses slow down enemy units and make them vulnerable to various nasty Novus abilities. But did you know that you can also attack with it, using The Founder?

If you use a combination of Network Tap and the Viral Cascade patch, you can infect nearby buildings and vehicles with viruses. That, however, leaves the Founder immobile in Performance mode, making him extremely vulnerable to attack. Now, here's something you probably didn't know. If you order the Founder to move out while Viral Cascade is active, he will retain his infection ability.

Therefore, the Founder turns into a moving carrier of viruses if Network Tap and Viral Cascade are active at the same time. Turning Network Tap off does not remove the effect, however switching him to Prowess Mode or disabling Viral Cascade will remove it. The Viral Founder will infect any enemy vehicles and buildings that are close to him, Walkers included. During testing of this strange phenomenon of the flow, our team of scientists discovered that you have to activate viral cascade after activating network tap. If you switch to prowess mode, or change patches, you have to repeat the process.

IPB Image
If you switch to Prowess Mode, you must restart Performance Mode and Newtork Tap to make him spread viruses again, as he no longer carries the essence of the flow with him.

So how do you counter this, if your opponent tries to do it against you?

As Novus

There are two ways to counter a Viral Founder as Novus. The first way is to use hackers. Their ability to cleanse your system will remove viruses, and even though The Founder can constantly infect you while you have to wait for the cooldown on the ability, it's not possible to make raids with the founder forever. Eventually his health will be so low that he has to back off - especially if you're using the long range Field Inverters or a lot of Variants.

The second way to counter it is to research the third level of the flow tech tree to gain access to Nanite Purification, and simply flow your units to remove the virus. You can do this by setting up a forward flow generator with a flow conduit, or a long line of flow conduits stretching from your base to the frontline. Your own Founder can also help a lot - have him set up shop slightly behind your army, and let them travel through his flow strings to the rest of your network when needed. This will, of course, be more effective the closer your network is to your army.

As Hierarchy

As the Hierarchy you have to use detection drones. Since The Founder will lose health every time he goes for a raid, two or three detection drones should be enough in most cases. The detection drone's scan ability does not only remove viruses in an area - it constantly does so for a few seconds, negating The Founder for the duration of the effect.

IPB Image
Detection drones using the scan ability

As Masari

For the Masari, it's as straight forward as you can get. Add in Seers or the Queen Altea into your army. They project auras that remove negative effects, including viruses. Should you require faster antivirus units, you can put your seers in sentries.

In an attempt to add insult to injury, you can deploy figment mines in places where The Founder might go. The mines will last until detonated, so if The Founder is ever unlucky enough to activate one, you can close in and kill him, leaving your Novus opponent without a very useful asset for the rest of the game.

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