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Tip of the Week #6: Gathering resources with Altea

By vOddy - 26th April 2010 - 17:03 PM

Are you tired of seeing useless buildings get in the way of your Peacebringers? Have you had enough of terran constructions that give you nothing in return while limiting the space for your base? Do you want to get revenge on the pesky buildings for being in the way, or simply get something useful out of them?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, you should look no further than to Dark Tech 2 and the Queen Altea.

Using her "Unmake" ability on resources will generate credits. All resources give you money at the same rate, but some resource piles will last longer, letting her use Unmake on the same target multiple times.

IPB ImageBegone, puny shrubberies!

To make as many credits as possible as fast as possible, try to target multiple resource piles at once with the ability. Since all sources of income give you credits at the same speed, the more you can target, the faster it will go. Cars in a parking lot, tightly packed buildings and piles of destroyed enemy vehicles are examples of targets that will often let you use Unmake on multiple things.

Does this mean that you should rush to Altea as fast as possible against an aggressive Novus player so that you can make money off his dead vehicles? No. If he decides to be aggressive with variants and antimatter tanks, you still need Charos to survive those first few minutes before you can get your infrastructure up and running. However, once you have enough to defend yourself with, getting the Queen is definitely not a bad idea in most cases.

Even when you are floating on money, Altea does not stop being useful. Her Unmake ability can actually increase your money to over 1000! This means that if you reach maximum population cap, you can instantly refill your army when you lose it, if you've been keeping up your macro management and placing more production facilities. You could lose your entire army, only to queue up five Peacebringers, five Skylords and five Disciples instantly.

IPB Image
Altea is probably the only way you're ever going to afford something like that.

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