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Tip of the Week #7: Teleportation

By vOddy - 28th May 2010 - 12:00 PM

The Masari hero unit Zessus who is unlocked by two levels in the balance tree is not only useful because he can spam Dark Miasma or because he has the gimmicky Explode ability - his ability to teleport opens up a whole slew of possibilities.

The most obvious use of the ability is to teleport your units, and Zessus himself, to where they need to be. This can be used to assasinate heroes. Teleport a bunch of Peacebringers next to a hero and he's as good as dead. The Tractor Beams will keep him from escaping while the cannons take him out.

IPB ImageThe Founder was on his way to the edge of a Masari base with the intent of connecting to the Flow network so a Novus army could flow right in. However, there was a fault in his logic core.

You can use the same method to get Peacebringers close to Field Inverters, bypassing their advantage of superior range and letting you use your own advantage of superior health and damage. Disintegrate is very effective in this situation as it lets the Peacebringers damage masses of the clumped-up inverters at once.

IPB Image
In this situation, the Overclock patch isn't good at all for the Novus player. Trading health for damage output makes this teleportation move even more effective for the Masari.

Teleporting Charos into the middle of a Novus army can also be extremely effective. Either teleport him in alone and then charge with your Peacebringers, or teleport him along with your Peacebringers. It's true that his Dark Vortex ability will also suck up your Peacebringers that you brought along, but it will barely do any damage to them - it doesn't do a lot of friendly fire. By the time the units from both factions land, the Peacebringers will make short work of the weakened Field Inverters. They will be spread out but also close to each other, which is perfect for the Peacebringers. They obviously want to get close because they have shorter range, and they want to be spread out because that means all of them can fire. If they're in a clump, the ones at the back might not get to do that.

You can also teleport enemy units. Sneaking up to enemy units to transport them to a nest of Guardians or into the middle of your army is most effective when you've researched Balance 4, because of the Seer stealth aura. However, when in Dark Mode, Zessus is fast and has decent protection with his Dark Matter Armor, so he's actually a very good counter to Kamal'Rex even without a stealth Seer. Just run up to him and teleport him into a trap. Good places to teleport him to include in the middle of a circle of Guardians, on top of a Dark Figment Mine, and in the middle of a bunch of spread-out Peacebringers.

If you're contained in your base against a Hierarchy, sneaking out Zessus to teleport Reaper Drones back to your base can be a good way to harass (or teleporting a Peacebringer out to the Reapers, though this is slightly more risky as you may need the Peacebringer at home to defend).

Another trick you can do is teleport in right under a bunch of slow air units and then use the Explode ability right after. Just be careful not to do this in a situation where the remaining units could kill off Zessus.

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