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By S2Zrathustra - 1st October 2007 - 22:04 PM

Hackers are one of the most diverse units in Universe at War, and can be used in combination with other units to maximize their massive potential. Hackers can be purchased at the Robotic Assembly after a Science Center has been built.


Computing Branch, Tier 3 – Hackers gain multitasking, which allows them to attack (lockdown) multiple targets

IPB Image


Hackers are labeled as “insignificant,” which means that enemy units don’t automatically lock onto them and start firing at them; it must be done manually by the player. Always remember to use this to your advantage, so if the player does target your hackers, move the hacker out of range of the unit(s), and then move it back again, so the enemy has to re-target it. The hacker’s default attack doesn’t do any damage, but shuts down the targeted unit for the duration that the hacker is “attacking” it, but the shut-down unit can still fire, so watch out! Remember to always use hackers to support other units, not to be used as your primary fighting units.

Note: Hackers cannot plant viruses, so use them in conjunction with other contagious methods, like Viral Cascade and Corrupters.

IPB Image
Viral Bomb: The Viral Bomb can be used on a virally-infected unit, and it causes massive amounts of damage to the target, killing most units, so be sure to use this on the larger more expensive units. A great way to use this effectively is to shut the unit down, by having another Hacker attack it, then blow it up. This is great for taking out Peacebringers or Skylords.

IPB Image
Purge Systems: This is probably the most useful ability in the game, and it makes your Hackers like battlefield medics, except better. Way better. Purge Systems sending out an aura around the Hacker, that lasts a little while (important!), that purges all negative effects from your units, including viruses, burning/slowing effects, saucer foos, detonating projectiles, like those given off by Anti-Matter tanks, Dervish Jets, Redirection Towers and the like, AND it gets rid of things off enemies, like Phasing, stealth and such. This is incredibly powerful, meaning those attacks cannot hurt you, viruses will be wiped, and enemies can’t use certain abilities. Use this well!


Hackers are definitely one of, if not the best support unit. With almost unlimited uses, Hackers can be great used offensively and defensively. Be sure to mix them with other units and viruses, and you have deadly combinations that can be hard to match. End of transmission. Proceeding to reboot. 01010101010101001000100101010…

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Written by Ithildur