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Strategy Guide

Blade Troopers

Friday, 28 Sep 2007
Blade Troopers are Tier 2 infantry and are built at the Barracks after getting the required upgrade. They can be some of the most powerful units, if used correctly. A popular way of utilizing these units is to rush them out quickly. While it is obvious that a good variant rush will stop this...
Gameplay Tip

Using Your Enemy's Flow

Monday, 24 Sep 2007
This tip of the week shows you how you can abuse the enemy novus flow network when you are playing as novus yourself. This is a neat tip and a great way to get to the enemy main base quickly for maximum destruction!Discuss this video!
Strategy Guide

Masari Dark Matter Armor Guide

Sunday, 23 Sep 2007
Masari units in Dark Mode can be some of the deadliest units on the field if they are used correctly. Your units gain a significant advantage over other units in the game in that they will have a shield, Dark Matter Armor (Or DMA), around them that protects them from harm, similar to Protoss in...
Strategy Guide

Science Walker Guide

Thursday, 20 Sep 2007
The Science Walker is the third and potentially most potent walker in the Hierarchy's considerable arsenal. While the Science Walkers usefulness is largely related to the last tier of any given branch, last tech in a single suit can be reached by mid game. Thusly, in a majority of games the...
Gameplay Tip

The Hierarchy's Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007
This tip of the week demonstrates how you can earn quick cash as Hierarchy on maps which containts buildings with humans inside. Humans are a valuable resources for the Hierarchy reaper drones to gather and this video explains how you can do it effectively.Discuss this videoThanks to Malid
Strategy Guide

Novus Walker Counter Guide

Saturday, 15 Sep 2007
Countering Hierarchy walkers as Novus is no different than countering the production facilities of other factions. The general idea is that canít leave your opponent alone, and expect to be able to keep up with a constant stream of walkers coming into your base. The name of the game is...
Strategy Guide

Novus Basics

Friday, 14 Sep 2007
Novus requires a lot of multi-tasking to play effectively. The idea behind Novus is a faction that is very flexible and agile, as well as stealthy and sneaky. Novus is all about harassment and pressure. You must always be on the offensive, keeping your opponent pinned in his base while you spider...