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Universe at War

Great Game

#1volcaniclostone  May 6 2009, 08:10 AM -
Replays: 22
Pur vs Volc.

Enjoy :-)
#2AlexRuiz  May 8 2009, 01:08 AM -
Replays: 3 Game:
This is one of the best 1 vs 1 replays available. Both Volc and Pur are among the best players in the game, and it shows. The game is packed with action, and both players had a chance to win.

Comments for Both Players:
- You are 2 of the best players. Volc is probably the best Hierarchy player, and Pur is probably the best Novus and in my opinion the best overall player (great with the 3 factions)
- Back and forth action
- Clean game, no spam of any kind.
- Keep posting replays guys! We like them

Comments for Purified:
- In general, not too much to say. Typical Purified's execution. Great micro, incredible expanding, nice build, good units mix... and Puribel to seal the deal.
- Ohm rush in a map this big? I think this compromised your start and almost made you lose the match.
- It is not very common for you to make this kind of mistakes, but it almost cost you the game. Your ohms found a glyph carver in your initial search, shot it a little, but went their away and didn't kill it! cry.gif
- You had a second chance to kill this same carver when another lonely ohm found the carver, kept shooting at with but didn't get closer when the carver was calling a walker. Eventually the carver got destroyed, but he completed the walker glyph just in time. The ohm didn't get closer to kill the glyph. This habitat walker landed, and is the walker that pushed the double walker assault to your main base and crushed it.
- Stayed with ohms too long.
- Ohms were all over the map, very likely guarding positions, but did you need 4 of them per position? That was like 15 popcap just in ohms guarding empty spaces.
- Using the field inverters in shield mode against the science walker with machine magnets was priceless.... another instant classic.

Comments for VolcanicLostOne:
- Also, in general not too much to say. Typical VolcanicLostOne's execution. Fast rush, deadly assaults, great expansion.
- Calling all the reapers fast ensured you had funds to sustain the siege.. I liked your BO of Hab walker then reapers.
- Perfect use of your scouting monolith.
- Lost ones did fine and killed several structures. However, you know Pur has no problem dephasing and killing them. The lost ones worked fine early game when he had almost no amplifiers... later in the gam ehe had amps, so there should have been a change of tactic.
- Directing your 3 walkers into an expansion base is what in my opinion cost you the game. You know he expands everywhere, and destroying one expansion gave him time in the others. When you realized he had 3 additional expansion bases, the walkers were far from all of them. The time it took to attack another base gave him the chance to recover and build up, and once he had his army he stayed with the edge.
- Only habitat walkers, no assembly walkers?
- You also know he has no trouble killing a quantum 4 science walker. You tried twice and both times failed. How about targetting jammers with the machine magnets? Or how about a quantum 3 + assault 3 assembly walker supported by phase tanks.

Very entertaining game. Well worth the time to watch.
As additional comment, you can see how deadly Mirabel is. She dispatched Kamal Rex 1 vs 1 without breaking a sweat, and she also took care of Orlok 1 vs 1 with almost no effort. She is way too fast for her firepower, or too powerful for her speed...
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#3Purified  May 8 2009, 05:27 AM -
Replays: 20
My start was bad as I realized after the game. smilie_bleh.gif The ohms were designed to scout out volc asap, though perhaps I could have done better with vars. But similarly volc enjoys expanding, so the ohms were kinda like sentries in that sense. As to the cluster of 4...well I'm bad at micromanaging all over the place, and have a bad tendency about forgetting units and etc. Didn't notice that carver probably (though I did mess up volc indeed with them, killed 1 carver he was hoping to expand with).

As to Mirabel, I only built her as a counter to Kamal (and killing Orlok in one go was a nice little bonus too tongue.gif ). Volc almost always builds him and now I just cut through the 'playing around in circles' and go to whatever method will kill him fastest. Mirabel is perfect for this, since she has the speed, strength, durability, and most importantly, he can't abduct her. tongue.gif Plus volc wasn't paying attention and Kamal got himself missiled 0wn3d.gif
#4volcaniclostone  May 8 2009, 06:51 AM -
Replays: 22
I think what truely cost me the game was my lack of scouting, i was too focused on vis ops then using monoliths,dection drome or my lostones. when i saw he sold his building i new he has another exapnsion going on i did send my lostones to scout but did not use them propelly. Especially when my lost ones where right next to his main base up on to top part of the map but i failed to move up closer. there for not seeing his costructor and leaving that area free for him to expand until it was too late.
Pur is truely a great novus player and a great at all factions too and his multi-tasking abilities are way beyond mine, he controls the map very good and is not afraid to attack lol. It was a great game and allways is when played againts Pur or other great players such as Alex,Vic,Omen,Arrk,Sant Martin and any other that i may have missed.
#5vOddy  Jan 25 2011, 18:11 PM -
Replays: 23 Game:
I remember seeing this game when I was a n00b. It was kind of cool, because it had lots of units and big battles.

Now, it's just... meh. Stupid. T_T
#6volcaniclostone  Feb 18 2011, 15:34 PM -
Replays: 22
Rolf you are so lame. You even made a cast on this game smile.gif i guess the joke is on you.

BTW this game has more Wubs than any of your replays and its also more downloaded than any of your replays so i guess the only stupid thing is you.
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