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GenTool Documentation

Window position presets
Launching the game in window mode will usually put the window to bad places.
But GenTool offers 4 presets which can put the game window to following positions automatically:
    Whole window with bars is visible at top left
    Window is in the center of the screen
  • TOP
    Window without top bar is positioned at the very top
  • FULL
    Window without bars is positioned at top left
Alter the preset in GenTool's menu.

Fullscreen in windowed mode
Start the game with -win parameter in window mode. Set your game resolution to the same size as your desktop resolution and then use the FULL preset in GenTool menu. Tab in and out of the game once to bring the game window above the Windows task bar. This will allow you to play in "full screen" but within window mode. This is excellent for hosting multiplayer games while being able to tab out without game hindering risks. Also useful when having a slow computer with tabbing issues.