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Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 V2.0 is Now Live
Patch 8.4.0 Release
Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League
Blue Wizard Mod v0.2
Patch 8.3 Release

Rise of the Witch King News and Updates

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Battle For Middle Earth II Patch 1.09 V2.0 is Now Live

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2021
Hi All, Patch 1.09 Version 2.0 is finally here for download. For years later and here we are with another enormous patch filled with goodies, cows, and even a pig for Dwarves. A huge thanks to everyone involved but particularly Ech my right hand man & Ridder Geel for his work on the launcher....
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Patch 8.4.0 Release

Sunday, 2 Aug 2020
Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, creatures and beasts! It is that epic time of the year again! That's right, after tireless work and endless deliberations, we are pleased to announce the release of Patch 2.02 Version 8.4.0!Click on the banner below to download the patch.What can you expect...
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Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League

Wednesday, 22 Jul 2020
You've heard of the Premier League. You love the NFL. Get ready for the next best thing... Rise of the Witch-king 2.02 League! Over the past months, community member StrayHeart and the 2.02 team have worked hard on our new competitive platform: RotWK League. Despite the great clanwars...
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Blue Wizard Mod v0.2

Thursday, 18 Jun 2020
Hello People,Blue Wizard Mod (BWM) v0.2 was released yesterday. BWM is a mod for Battle for Middle-earth.What is new in BWM?BWM adds Lothlorien and Moria as new playable factions and adds new heroes/units to the vanilla factions. The AI is now a lot richer and therefore stronger, both new...
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Patch 8.3 Release

Tuesday, 7 Apr 2020
Greetings RotWk fans! We're proud to announce the release of the v8.3.0 patch. Click here to download the installer! The installer source code is located here. If you're new to the community and haven't played 2.02 before, you will need to download 2.02 version 8.0.0 from our download page and...

BFME 2vs2 QM 1.06 gaming day

Thursday, 30 Jan 2020
Hello BfME players,let's meet for some nostalgic 2vs2 QM games.When: Saturday 22.02.2020 - ALL DAYFormat: Standard 2vs2 QM 1.06 ladderPatch: 1.06Who is in for that? function hoverImg(x) { x.src = "https://www.gamereplays.org/community/uploads/post-50947-1505390215.png";}function normalImg(x) {...
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Patch 8.2 Release

Tuesday, 31 Dec 2019
Greetings dear RotWK fans!We're proud to announce the release of v8.2.0! Click here to download. Armorfix8.2.0 is a patch mainly dedicated to a mechanic overhaul called "armorfix". What exactly is fixed about armor, you ask? Well, it'll take a little while to explain because basically the...
Special Feature

Patch 8.0.1 Release

Saturday, 28 Sep 2019
Greetings dear RotWK fans!We're proud to announce the release of 2.02 v8.0.1! Click here to download.2.02 v8.0.1 is a bug fix patch for several small issues with v8.0.0, but it's also the first step in our commitment to move towards a patching process with fewer balance changes per patch. The...


Saturday, 1 Jun 2019
Dear Friends The Bfme Spring season coming to his end and it is time to have an clear report of what happened past months in our game events wise.In February, we started with the 3v3 Return of the King tournament, the concept was to spam games and have a final with the top 6. Less games than the...
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Patch 2.02 v8.0.0 Released

Wednesday, 29 May 2019
A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN! After a year and a half of development, testing and fiddling, we are proud to announce the release of patch 2.02 v8! The wait has been long, and we know you have all been anxiously anticipating this announcement - but rest assured - this is the real deal! You may download...


Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019
Dear BFME CommunityWe always search founds to support tournaments. So I decided to open a topic where you can find informations to how donate us!Your Donation will be used exclusive for:Prizes for TournamentsWe won't use your donation for our personal interests!function hoverImg(x) { x.src =...

Ladder Open Beta

Sunday, 24 Feb 2019
Greetings community.I bring exciting news! As some of you may know, community member StrayHeart has been working on a custom 2.02 ladder for over a year. As it stands now, the ladder (working title "DodgeWars") is nearly finished! In order to ensure the integration with v8.0.0 goes as smoothly as...

February 1v1 Tournament Announced!

Friday, 8 Feb 2019
With the sassy cup coming to a conclusion, we'd like to announce our next tournament, the February 1v1 TournamentWe're aiming for at least 16 participants to fill a single-elimination bracket, with any excess being added to a backup list, however, should the signups pull in numbers sufficient for...

3v3 Tournament Return of the King 60$

Saturday, 2 Feb 2019
Dear BfmerzThe last 3v3 tournament in Christmas was a succes and after many requets, I decide to host another one.The plan is simple :I will open a topic in Tournament section where you will be able to sign up with the name you want to use during this tournament (it can be an old one but please...

'Sassy' Tournament Announced!

Wednesday, 23 Jan 2019
New 1v1 Tournament Announced!Well folks, with the sun having risen on a new year, it’s time for a new tournament from a new referee! After hosting many succesful, and somewhat quirky tournaments on the 2.02 Discord, the self proclaimed lord of fanciness™, King Thranduil has joined the staff here...

Spotlight with Valor

Tuesday, 22 Jan 2019
GameReplays.Org returns with another edition of our Spotlight interview series with one of our staff and the veterans of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME). Centauer's guest this time round is well known long-time player, ValorGameReplays: Hello , thanks for doing this week's Spotlight. Tell us a...

Spotlight with Apmn

Monday, 14 Jan 2019
GameReplays.Org returns with another edition of our Spotlight interview series with one of the veterans and an Expert of Battle For Middle Earth 2 (BFME 2) and veterans of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME). Centauer's guest this time round is well known long-time player Apmn.GameReplays: Hello ,...

Ab3r` Spotlight

Sunday, 13 Jan 2019
Greetings everyone! After an incredibly long break, we are finally bringing back our Spotlight series for ROTWK. In the coming months, we will be focusing in on some of the most recognized 2.02 figures and getting to know them a little bit better with a series of interviews.First up, we have our...

New BFME Quickmatch Ladder 2019

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2019
Hey fellow BFME players,first of all, I wish you all a Happy New Year 2019! With a new year dawning, the time for a new BFME Quickmatch ladder has come! After 6603 matches in total and many great games, this is the moment to start anew.At first, I want to thank T3A and especially ICT who created...

1v1 New Era Tournament 100$

Thursday, 27 Dec 2018
Dear BFME 2 Friends As promised, here is my first tournament in this lovely game.Main Informations : Format : Groups/ Single Elimination (Depending on how many players sign up, I decide if we start by groups or SE) All will be drawn by me LIVE.Patch : 1.09 Platform : Game RangerMatch Rules :...

BFME Christmas Tournament 2018

Tuesday, 25 Dec 2018
Hey guys, Merry Christmas everyone! We will host a short and special 2vs2 Christmas tournament on December, 25. The tournament will be played on the XMAS Mini Mod on the T3A Server. It will only last one evening!The format:4 Teams - teammates can be chosenAll games are best of 3. The host can...

Spotlight with ZeD_K

Sunday, 23 Dec 2018
Once again, GameReplays.Org brings to you another edition of our Spotlight interview series with the players of Battle For Middle Earth (BFME)! Centauer's guest for today's segment is ZeD_K.GameReplays: Hello, thanks for doing this week's Spotlight. Tell us a little bit about yourself.ZeD_K:...

2.02 Christmas mini-mod released!

Friday, 14 Dec 2018
Hello all! Thanks to the brilliant work of RiderofRohan and Mathijs from T3A, we are pleased to present you with a most jolly creation. Your very own 2.02 Christmas mod. Complete with new music, sound fx and graphical elements including a new Palantir and Xmas-fied hero and unit textures this...

The Oscars 2018

Sunday, 2 Dec 2018
Dear Friends,I decided to make for first time an Oscar Ceremony for us as we had a long year I guess it will be interesting and we going to laugh alot.From now you can start voting for your favorite nominees.I will let the vote opens for 2 weeks and then I will do the ceremony live on my Twitch...