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Dark Crusade

Awesome game, Cha0s vs hero

#41fz.Cha0s  Feb 23 2008, 21:18 PM -
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38 now =)
#42ezkilla  Mar 27 2008, 20:53 PM -
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i just start hering about this place and i dont know how to play the moves can somone plz tell me how?
#43fz.Cha0s  Aug 14 2008, 08:05 AM -
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lol, almost 3k downloads ^^
#44Zakuto121  Sep 7 2008, 15:20 PM -
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#45HG.Leman  Apr 7 2009, 17:54 PM -
WUBBED!!! +1 Hero klassno bilsya! Mne ochen' ponravilos
#46Klauzix  Sep 6 2009, 02:51 AM -
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I watched and yeah, cool game guys. But one thing to Necron player Cha0s.

Your HQ had NW's training though your cap was full. I was really getting pissed at this, the battlefield flodded with dead Cron bodies. And when you got your Spyder in his base you could have spawned another and revived some bodies there, could have gotten two squads of flyed ones or imortals since when reviving squads you can pass your squad Cap abit.

Now, why didn't you?

I'm sorry but i just wanted to do that so much but it was just a replay so i couldn't and it frustrated me ^^ lol
#47bobi95  Sep 6 2011, 00:25 AM -
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I am trying to get good with necrons s I tried to watch a few replays. I downloaded the replay and put it in Playback folder in the dir of the game, started the game , went to skirmish, chose to Load a game, and there was no replay. It happened to Company of Heroes when I tried to watch a replay then. I really want to see this game, read all the coments and really hope that someone can help me.

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