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Dark Crusade

Xtermenat0r vs a_inquisition

#1Sierra Antares  Jan 29 2008, 15:09 PM -
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my Tau vs his ork in AM I think i was doing pretty good in this game to my opinion.
A review and comments are welcome smile.gif
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#2Ninjabutter  Jan 30 2008, 00:36 AM -

Not entirely sure what he was thinking throughout this one, to be honest. He was using Orks against Tau and rather than using melee troops to keep you moving around while his ranged guys inflicted actual damage, he went 100% shooty, basically playing the game entirely on your terms. Even a single squad of stormboys would have made your life much more difficult, but I never saw him build any. As a drastic measure, he even could have attached his Mek to a shoota boy squad and teleported into the middle of your Fire Warriors - massed like they were, they were just asking for a disruption like that.

The fight at about 10:30 or so might also have gone better for him if he'd remembered to bring his Mek along, rather than leaving him chilling back at his base. I'm not sure what possessed him to attack a Tau base in force without any detector units =p
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