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Dark Crusade

[1.11]IG (DAS CAPN) vs orks (ICE|uknown)

#11CNNOOO  Jan 5 2007, 05:01 AM -
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i liked how you fended off the squiggoth plus other ork unit assualt several times. I didn't think it was possible with just leman russ and guardsmen.
#12Ayestes  Jan 5 2007, 17:27 PM -
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It's because DAS just doesn't give up on the face of defeat and is a pretty good player. Although he should've tried to reclaim his econ a bit like the observers where chanting tongue.gif
#13DA CAP'N  Jan 5 2007, 21:30 PM -
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yea, the two big mistakes i made in this game was 1. not noticing the tbs tearing down all my lps. and 2. not realising that that guard squad i sent to the upper left corner wasnt capping the relic.

other then that im hard pressed to find any major mistakes.
#14Dorkdav  Jan 6 2007, 04:30 AM -
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Ork really got handled early game. I prefer a x2 shoota banner build against IG. Shootas to help kill the CS and the mek can break any GM squad with one hit.
#15suxalot  Jan 6 2007, 10:55 AM -
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QUOTE(Dorkdav @ Jan 6 2007, 12:30 PM) *

Ork really got handled early game. I prefer a x2 shoota banner build against IG. Shootas to help kill the CS and the mek can break any GM squad with one hit.

What's the BO for that build? 2 sluggas 1 hut 1 banner big mek and 2 shootas?
#16tybalt33  Jan 6 2007, 16:01 PM -
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For me, this replay shows what DoW is really about. Very entertaining. Great fun! Thanks for posting the rep. :-D
#17suxalot  Jan 8 2007, 09:46 AM -
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DAS_CAPN IPB Image VS iCe|UnKnowN IPB Image

IPB Image


1st builder -> Infantry Command -> Plasma Generator
Guardsmen squad(GM) x2 -> Techpriest -> GM

Solid IG play as usual, especially with your unit control. Ok first of all I think you played great even though the odds were stacked way against you. Ork tier 3 and 3 squiggoths later, you were still standing strong. Very good kasrkin/GM and orgyns micro when battling unknown's flash gits by using the 14 squad member GM to CC the gits and taking them down from afar with kasrkin. Timely focus fire and CotMS used in conjunction with the assassin to take out Unknown's lotted leman russ kept you alive far longer than a normal IG player would have lasted. Great use of comcast in 1 battle where you took out tonnes of his flash gits, although you forgot to pull your orgyns back, causing them to get hit as well. You knew the Ork tier 3 was coming fast, and was able to match his quick tech by hitting tier 3 before unknown. However, I think your general macro this game was lacking as compared to your previous games. Firstly, I think you should've researched the leman russ depot at the mechanized command situated further in your base. Instead you researched it on the outer one and it got destroyed by killa kans and gits before you managed to get a russ out setting you further back. You didn't use any bassies this game, which was a mistake imo. One bassie would've disrupted his gits and helped you greatly in the battle where he took out your mech command. I think you were also too aggressive this game, which is fine against most opponents but not really very good against Orks. At the 10 minute mark you assaulted his base while his Mek+Nob squad assaulted yours. You took out 1 LP, 2 banners and PoG while he took out 3 LPs. I think pulling at least 1 GM squad back to defend would've been a better choice since you couldn't progress beyond the river as an Ork base can't be broken before tier 3 while he hurt you greatly by taking out 3 LPs! Late game your economy was very poor due to constant tank busta and wartrakk harrass. You invested too heavily in your army and tech which drained your req and you didn't even have sufficient to LP back. (though if you didn't invest in your army/tech you might have lost way earlier so I'm not too sure what exactly to do as well lol). Lastly, the relics. Yap I guess you would've realised by now that you had long delays before decapping and no relic = no baneblade sad.gif

Player rating: 7


1st grotz -> Da Boyz Hut -> Generator
Sluggas x2 -> Infiltration

To be honest unknown's micro isn't really the best. But I think what won him the game was his tactic of drawing fire and constantly harrassing DAS' economy on the sly. Great use of Flash gits/Nobz/wartrakks and wartrucks/tankbustas/killa kans to basically bash all of DAS' LPs and decapping them, especially while DAS was engaging your army some place else. Great use of the transport feature in the wartrucks to quickly deploy nobz to harrass DAS before pulling out quickly. The 1st time you got a squiggoth out you sent it to its death without waiting for the rest of your army to arrive. The 2nd time you got it out you had it in the nick of time where you pushed his army back and stopped from nearly capping the relic, which was a pity for DAS cos he had the resources IIRC to build a baneblade should he cap that relic. The 3rd time you had the squiggoth you sent it to DAS base while sending your Gits and Nobz via the other end to attack. Nice idea there, but your squiggoth died before your army arrived and when they did they got annhilated by DAS. WTF.gif Nonetheless, great harrassing moves while constantly preventing DAS from getting the relics won you the game. However, your economy was fairly poor for the map control you had. Did you max out your req economy upgrades cos from the looks of it you didn't. Also some mistakes early game where you lost 1 slugga squad to DAS' CS and GM squads cos you wanted to finish capping the relic, which was immediately decapped by him lol. Bad idea to jump your Big Mek and Nobz squad into his army early game as well. Don't underestimate the power of execute and plasma GMs. tongue.gif Thought you could've used burna bombs more frequently, though it was a nice move to use burna bomb to take his Mars Pattern Command to red health. And why did you send a lone killa kan to whack DAS' HQ? lol I think attacking his LPs would've been a better choice.

Player rating: 7

In conclusion, this was a great game that earns a 10/10 for entertainment! How often do you see a squiggoth get pwned not once but 3 times? lmao! Unknown displayed great tactics while DAS_CAPN displayed awesome unit control/micro and a "never-say-die" attitude!

Replay rating: 8

Gold Replay

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#18jpsc949  Jan 8 2007, 13:57 PM -
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blood river always makes for the best games imo

gg wp by both

i wonder how aggressive das is in rl? :-p
#19WISE Architect  Jan 8 2007, 15:30 PM -
7 or higher allways equal silver!
Please move the topic to the replay forum and edit topic title (removing [R] from it). smile.gif

Since its an eight, is it worth a gold poll, suxalot? biggrin.gif
#20-Lethality-  Jan 8 2007, 16:01 PM -
It is already a gold poll Arch biggrin.gif

Moving to Silver for the time being.
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