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About Universe at War

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Universe at War: Earth Assault, first released for the PC on 10 December 2007 in the United States by Petroglyph Games, a studio made up of former employees of Westwood, is a multi-platform real-time strategy game (RTS) held together by Microsoft's Games For Windows Live which allows PC and XBox 360 users to combat each other with colossal mobile construction facilities, swarms of robots or divine beings of light and darkness.

Later, on 25 January 2008, Universe at War was released for sale in Europe, and in March the XBox version was available.

Apocalyptic plot

Witness the fall of Earth as the might of the Hierarchy fleet comes to bear against the human race. It seems that our only hope is a race of intelligent robots whose sole purpose of existence is to rid the universe of the evil aliens. However, on the battlefield of Earth a new ally of humanity awakens ready to fight all who oppose their great plan.

Diverse factions

Control one of three factions: Novus, a futuristic army of robots and antimatter firing tanks that can move their units around the map with ease thanks to their ability to transport via their flow network; The Hierarchy, an alien race that focuses on radiation and mutations, warping powerful infantry and deadly vehicles into battle through giant walking war machines, or the Masari, a race of self proclaimed gods, thought long extinct, harnessing the power of light and darkness to switch their powerful armies between offensive and defensive modes in the blink of an eye.

Diverse strategic options without sacrificing balance

All races in Universe at War: Earth Assault have a global tech three. There are three paths with four levels each, and a player can spend six points in any combination, creating a vast array of viable and strategically sound options. These tech trees give access to new units, unit abilities, "hero" units, and other global benefits such as increased economy or armor. It's also possible to detech, which refunds a point and lets you spend it on something else.

Furthrmore, the Novus faction can unlock so-called patches, temporary or permanent (until replaced) benefits gained through progression in the global tech tree's three branches. The Hierarchy can outfit their Walkers various hard-points with unit production, production optimization, or weapons; further hard-points are available by advancing in the tech tree. Finally, the Masari can switch between the global light mode and dark mode, turning some ground units into air units or vica versa, changing special abilities of heroes and units, as well as changing the normal stats for all units and buildings. What benefits these modes give is also dependent on progression through the tech tree.

Faction-specific information

IPB Image
IPB Image

RTS gameplay at its finest

Universe at War is just what you would expect from a classic RTS game. There we have base building, resource collection, economy management, massive battles between huge armies and super weapons allowing you to send the enemy a highly explosive token of your discontent. A notable difference from the genre's most riveted games is the hero system, which fortunately does not make the game just all about the heros, but keeps their roles to support at most without rendering them useless. On top of that, there are many crazy innovations - such as the Hierarchy's adjustable walkers, the Novus flow and patches, viral warfare, the Masari Dark Matter Armor and their "eternal" economy system.

Game modes

Off-line you have the choice of Campaign, Skirmish and Scenario game modes. While the first two are just the bread and butter of a single-player RTS player, the Scenario mode is a strategic game pitting you as one of the three factions against the other two, controlled by AI, in a direct struggle for global domination heavily inspired by Petroglyph's previous RTS Empire at War.

Aside from the usual multi-player modes of ranked 1-vs.-1 and unranked games supporting up to eight players simultaneously on the battlefield, Universe at War boasts a new way to challenge your opponents: "Conquer the World" is a game mode where the objective is to capture territories and hold them against attack from your rivals and secure total world domination by obliterating your enemies.

Epic soundtrack

Probably one of the better known sound track composers and staple of the Command & Conquer series, Frank Klepacki, lent his considerable talents to Universe at War to keep your adrenalin pumping during those hard-fought battles and your mind ticking over as your prepare for the next. All three factions have a score of their own, with gloomy ambience and heavy metal on the Hierarchy's side, fast electronic techno tunes for the Novus and plainly epic orchestral music for the Masari, further increasing the variation in experience while playing all three factions.

System requirements

The following data has been taken from www.CanIRunIt.com.

System specifications
CPUPentium 4 2.0 GHz or equv.Pentium 4 2.8 GHz processor
CPU Speed2 GHz2.8 GHz
OSWindows XP / VistaWindows XP / Vista
Video Card128 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (ATI Radeon 9500+ / NVIDIA GeForce 6200+)256 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible video card (ATI Radeon 9500 + / NVIDIA GeForce 6200+)
Free Disk Space6 GB6 GB
Graphics card specifications
Video RAM128256
Hardware T&LYesYes
Pixel Shader Version2.02.0
Vertex Shader Version2.02.0

The current version is 0.00.97896, here is the patch.

Games for Windows Live

Universe at War handles its match-making service through Microsoft's Games for Windows Live. This feature now no longer has a pay-to-play mechanic, you are able to play any multi-player game mode for free.

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