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Tip of the Week #7: Teleportation

Friday, 28 May 2010
The Masari hero unit Zessus who is unlocked by two levels in the balance tree is not only useful because he can spam Dark Miasma or because he has the gimmicky Explode ability - his ability to teleport opens up a whole slew of possibilities.The most obvious use of the ability is to teleport your...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #6: Gathering resources with Altea

Monday, 26 Apr 2010
Are you tired of seeing useless buildings get in the way of your Peacebringers? Have you had enough of terran constructions that give you nothing in return while limiting the space for your base? Do you want to get revenge on the pesky buildings for being in the way, or simply get something...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #5: Commander Orlok

Saturday, 17 Apr 2010
Commander Orlok the Eternal is the "good guy" of Hierarchy heroes. As seen in the campaign, he is the one who cares about his soldiers and questions the point of bringing destruction to thousands of words. He has also been compared to a "communist" fighting Kamal's imperialistic regime. However,...
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Tip of the Week #4: Selling

Tuesday, 6 Apr 2010
Just like most modern RTS games, Universe at War has a "Sell" option. However, unlike the popular Command & Conquer and The Battle for Middle-earth series, you aren't restricted to selling buildings. The interesting thing is that you can also sell units (not heroes, though). Now, what's the use...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #3: Spreading viruses with The Founder

Monday, 29 Mar 2010
You probably know that Viral Cascade is a good patch for defending, as viruses slow down enemy units and make them vulnerable to various nasty Novus abilities. But did you know that you can also attack with it, using The Founder?If you use a combination of Network Tap and the Viral Cascade patch,...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #2: Lost Ones

Sunday, 21 Mar 2010
Lost Ones – the tiny, squeaky little aliens, much like in the ones in good old movies. Being the Hierarchy’s only light infantry, their basic usage is anti-air and anti-infantry. They still lose to tactics along the lines of Ohm spam and Blade spam. Enemy air can also escape easily – although...
Gameplay Tip

Tip of the Week #1: Blade Troopers

Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010
Blade Troopers, unlike most of Novus' units, are quite expensive specialists. Not only do they cost 650 credits (more than six times as much compared to the Ohm Robot), you also need to build a costly 800-credit Blade Assembly on every Robotic Assembly you want to use for Blade Trooper...
Strategy Guide

Novus general guide

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2007
Novus are a race of sentient machines bent on destroying the Hierarchy, with whom they have a grudge--something about destroying someone's homeworld and eliminating an entire species, etc etc. Novus are fast, mobile, and have some very advanced technology. They also have (in this writer's humble...
Strategy Guide

Masari General Strategy Guide

Tuesday, 2 Oct 2007
Masari relies on adapting to your enemy through the use of switching between light and dark mode, and teching as soon as possible to your powerful late game units like the Peacebringer and Skylord. Masari's main problem is the fact they cannot spam units early game while teching with a relatively...
Strategy Guide


Monday, 1 Oct 2007
Hackers are one of the most diverse units in Universe at War, and can be used in combination with other units to maximize their massive potential. Hackers can be purchased at the Robotic Assembly after a Science Center has been built. Technology/Upgrades:Computing Branch, Tier 3 – Hackers gain...