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Act of Aggression

AoA Reboot: 2vs2 Hakime, SWempire vs Lucky Number Slevin, Urs E. (Act of Ag

Video Type:Commentary
Players/Teams:Hakime, SWempire, LuCkY nUmBeR sLeViN, Urs E.
Commentators:[NomNomNom] Predatorrrr
This is a 2vs2 between Hakime & SWempire vs Lucky Number Slevin (Daniel) and Urs E.

With commentary after a few minutes. I am in the same Teamspeak channel as Hakime and SWempire.

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Since we had no tourney after the release of reboot edition, I think this is a good way to help player coming into that game.

As in the game Unreal vs. Urs E. you can explain the spectators what is a good opener, strategy or counter in the respective situation for player A or B is.

thumbs up.