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Stellar Warfare - Brand new space RTS

By -Netput - 3rd August 2021 - 17:35 PM

A brand new indie RTS called Stellar Warfare is about to make its appearance! The game will be both a love letter and a homage to classic RTS games. Tons of features and fun gameplay assured. Stellar Warfare will be released tomorrow, so make sure to check it out if you are ready to scratch your wanting-a-new-RTS-itch!

July 15, 2021: The Dutch game studio Tense Games today announced that their Space RTS,
Stellar Warfare, will be released into early access on Steam on August 4.

Stellar Warfare has been in development for three years by a small but very dedicated team. After almost a year of play testing and implementing feedback from patrons, the lead developer is finally content to let the game go into Early Access.

Players will be thrown into the aftermath of a galaxy spanning conflict between the humanity and the zealous followers of The Light. Events have taken place which has thrown the galaxy into chaos. It is up to the player to find answers and safeguard his people.

The player can choose to build up their fleet slowly, but can also start raiding right away. Hour-long buildups are not required for those who desire instant action. Killing enemy units allows you to find blueprints which you can then use in between games to modify your units. There are currently well over a million possible ship configurations you can choose from.

“I've always wanted to play a classic style space RTS that offered just the right amount of
base building and customization for my taste. Because the RTS genre has been quiet for
some time now I decided to make one myself. There seemed to be a lot of 4x games which
did offer a lot of customization, but each game would take many hours. I wanted to create
something that is a bit more classical in nature, is instant action, but still offers overarching
said Thomas van den Essenburg of Tense Games.

Stellar Warfare features a wide variety of single and multiplayer game modes. These include a
small singleplayer campaign, a singleplayer skirmish and a singleplayer wave defense mode.
There is also a multiplayer skirmish mode and a multiplayer battle royale type gamemode.

  • Cinematic camera and stunning visuals
  • A fully explorable and exploitable 3D environment allows for intricate Combat maneuvers
  • The player can unlock over 50 ships, 40 weapons and 30 modules to customize their fleet with
  • Epic soundtrack
  • Loads of replay value
  • Cinematic fleet battles
  • Up to 10 different ship configurations
  • Base building
  • Resource gathering
  • Pretty flak fields!
  • Multi-player 1v1
  • Multi-player FFA
  • Multi-player Battle Royale
  • Single-player Skirmish
  • Single-player Wave Defense
  • Loot & customization
Stellar Warfare is both a love letter and a homage to classic RTS games. It brings several of its long lost tropes and staples to the current day and age. The game will be available to the public via Steam on August 4 2021.

SocialsSource: https://www.stellarwarfare.com