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Bad Company 2

Bad Company 2 Weapons Index

Introduction to Assault
The assault rifles in Bad Company 2 are unique, differing in their rate of fire, accuracy and damage, and other attributes. The purpose of this index is to make clear how best to exploit these differences in varying scenarios to give you a competitive advantage.

Each assault rifle can be fitted with two types of optical sights. The first of these is the Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight (ACOG) which aims to increase combat effectiveness at longer distances by providing a superior reticule and 4x magnification. The other available sight is the red dot, which again provides an improved reticule over iron sights but does not provide any magnification, thereby retaining peripheral vision.

Explanation of terms found in this index

Spread measures how much each weapon's bullets deviate from where the gun is being aimed. A higher number indicates a less accurate weapon.
  • Spread-Base indicates the spread when standing still and firing.
  • Spread-Move indicates the spread when moving and firing.
  • Spread-Zmove indicates the spread when zoomed in and firing
Spray is the amount of spread added per shot. Again, a higher number will indicate a weapon that becomes inaccurate more quickly.

Recoil is the amount of visual kick each weapon has. This does not affect where the bullet travels. As before, a higher number reflects a larger amount of sight movement when firing.
  • Kick refers to the amount, in degrees, that each shot will move the sights. A higher quick will mean a higher visual deviation per shot.
  • Amp is a multiplier to Kick, which on higher values causes the visible recoil to become increasingly strong.