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Shotgun Attachment
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The 40mm shotgun is arguably the least used 40mm attachment, though in conquest games, smoke is rarely seen. The 40mm shotgun can be a devastating weapon, giving the operator a virtually guaranteed 1 shot kill at a range that exceeds buckshot rounds from shotguns. The 40mm shotgun fires a dozen tungsten darts, with each one doing 16.7 damage. That means you only need 6 darts on target in order to get a kill, and that's without magnum ammo. This means that if you have two enemies standing shoulder to shoulder, or one right behind the other, you stand an excellent chance at two kills with one shot. The 40mm shotgun does not have damage decay, though like other shotguns, its spread increases drastically at longer range. The main drawback of this weapon is the reload time, at an ugly 2.45 seconds. This means you need to make that shot count, otherwise you could be in a world of hurt. However, don't forget that your shotgun is attached to a little something called an assault rifle. Get used to swapping weapons in a hurry, and you can wound, switch, and finish the job in the blink of an eye.
A friendly note from PerfectDeath: "The AEK/40mmSGN combo is indeed awesome. Its only limitation is that you cannot break through cover and obstacles, meaning you have to be quick on your toes at all times."


Fire Mode: 1 shot - 12 Darts
Rate of Fire 1 round every 2.5 seconds
Magazine Size: 1
Reload time: 2.45 seconds
Damage: 16.7 x 12
Ammo box Resupply time: 3 seconds

IPB Image
40mm Shotgun sights. As you can see, they are identical to any other shotgun that utilizes buckshot ammunition.

I find the 40mm shotgun to be at its best in house to house fighting. Think of the houses in white pass and nelsons bay, these are both good examples. Capping flags, or protecting an M-COM, the 40mm shotgun is a brutally effective weapon. Unless your lag is horrific, even if you meet an enemy face to face, you should win out nearly every time. The only times you might fail, is if the enemy has a one hit kill weapon of his own, like a shotgun, and gets on the trigger a hair faster than you.

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40mm spread from around 10M. This range is probably farther than you'd like, but as you can see from the spread of the rounds, a kill shot is still possible, especially if your enemy is wounded.

IPB Image
This is the range you really want to go for. The spread is so tight that you can have a bad guy with body armor and full health and he wont stand a snowballs chance in hell of surviving.

Now, what weapons should you use the 40mm shotgun with? Personally, I fell in love the AEK-971, but it had a glaring drawback, and that's its lower damage at close range. That made the 40mm shotgun a perfect companion. I just got into the habit of swapping to the 40mm every time I entered a building, and then swapped back anytime I exited. That meant that when I did come up on an enemy at close range, I almost always came out on top of the engagement. Other weapons that this strategy would suit, are the F2000 , which does 12.5 damage, and the M16, which also does 14.3. Other AR's such as the AUG and XM-8 do fine at close quarters, due to higher damage.

All in all, use the 40mm shotgun for close in, point defense scenarios. Defending a house where an M-COM is, or a flag. Experiment with it. If an enemy is wounded, or even at full health, you can get kills at surprising distances, due to the lack of damage decay on this weapon. If you have any doubts about the lethality of this weapon, think about this: With magnum ammo equipped, a full load of 40mm darts will do an astounding 250.44 damage! By comparison, a round of 12 gauge buckshot round does a measly 187. I'd like to see those fancy ceramic armor plates stop that!

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