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The Uzi is a submachine gun that was invented and designed by Uziel Gal shortly after the end of World War II. The design comes from the late 1940's, with the first prototype surfacing in Israel in 1950. Uziel Gal, whom this weapon is named after, was a Major in the Israeli Military. Gal had come up with the idea for his design around 1948, and once his superiors were made aware of his design he was sent to work for Israel Military Industries (IMI), the same people who make the venerable, all-popular Desert Eagle. IMI decided to name the Uzi after its designer, against his will.

The Uzi currently sees service with over 90 countries and IMI has netted some $2billion in sales of this weapon. This weapon was the standard issue for U.S. Secret Service until the early '90s, when it was replaced by the FN P90. The ruggedness and reliability of the Uzi have lent to it a long service life and popularity around the world.


Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire: 900 rounds per minute
Magazine Size: 32
Reload time: 3.2 seconds
Damage at 18M: 12.5
Damage at 42M+: 11.2

The UZI is a suppressed, short-range SMG available to the engineer class. The high rate of fire that the UZI possesses makes it a devastating weapon at short distances. Damage per round spent is not spectacular, but once again, it is in the rate of fire department that this weapon really shines. At first glance the UZI appears to be a fairly weak weapon, with only 12.5 damage per round, but when you take the 900 RPM fire rate into account, this weapon is nothing to sneeze at. Damage per second (at less than 19 meters) is 187.5. To give you some reference, the M16A2 comes in at 190.7 damage per second. That's pretty good. The thing you need to be mindful of is the range you are operating at. Stick to engagements less than 25 meters when possible. Any further than that and you really should be bursting your shots. No spraying.

Ammunition capacity is a bit higher than most, with the magazine holding 32 rounds. Don't let that lead you into a false sense of security though. This is one area where the high rate of fire can hurt you if you like to spray wildly. While wielding the UZI you can blow through your entire magazine faster than many other weapons, and be left reloading while the enemy is still shooting you. This is a weapon that you really want to embrace tactical reloading with. You can burn through a partial magazine very, very quickly.

The iron sights, as you can see below are pretty basic. A simple peep sight with a pointed post on the fore end. Some may find these sights to be a bit obtrusive at distances more than about 20 meters, so the red dot may be a good choice. The 4x optic might be a little unwieldy due to the high rate of fire. If you choose to use the 4x optic, you will really want to fire in 2-3 round bursts to be most effective.

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Due to the rapid damage degradation assigned to this weapon, the UZI excels in close range combat. It's short length and high fire rate make it ideal for rushing rooms, buildings, and popular hiding spots. At this short range the UZI can really dominate; most of the time you don't even need to aim down the sight. In most situations inside 10 meters, you can just move your HUD crosshair onto the enemy and let 'em have it.

The UZI was not designed for long range combat, and as such does not perform well over about 35 meters. That is not to say that you can't bring someone down, just that it performs much better at short range. This is why the UZI fits the engineer class so well. Playing as an engineer you will be spending a lot of time near vehicles repairing, so you will likely need a weapon that can quickly dispatch enemies attempting to run up and place mines or C4 your vehicle. There also may be times when you are on anti-vehicle detail. In your approach to a firing lane for your rockets you will likely need a weapon that can efficiently remove enemies trying to halt your destructive bombardment. The UZI fits this role perfectly.

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