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The PP-2000 is a machine pistol made by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau in Russia. It weighs a light 1.4 kg and is 555mm in length with the stock extended. One unique function of the real life version of the PP2000 is that the stock also doubles as a place to store an extra round for the pistol. It has an effective range of up to 200m and has two magazine sizes, a 20 round magazine and a 44 round magazine.


Weapon Kit: Engineer
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire 1000
Magazine Size: 40
Reload time: 2.85 seconds
Damage at 18M: 11.2
Damage at 42M+: 10

The PP2000 requires more dedication than other weapons in Bad Company 2 however it can reward the user if you take the time to learn to use it. It has a fire rate of 1000, tying it with the MG3 light machine gun in RPM, although it doesn't have the same damage value. It takes about 9 bullets to drop an enemy without Magnum ammo equipped and 7 with which can be worthwhile to use, although body armor is also a fine choice. For close range combat try to limit your fire to what is needed, rather than blasting off your entire magazine. For this to work to full effect, you need to be behind the enemy or come from their side so you aren't receiving fire. If you are caught in a head on dispute, aim for the head and you should come out on top. For mid range combat fire in bursts of 3-4 and they will eventually drop. For long range tap the trigger which will generally send two bullets in the direction of your target. This is 100% a flanking weapon, it has good magazine which allows you to drop multiple enemies in quick succession and it's freakishly quiet, even for a sub machine gun. The ammunition upgrade is needed unless you have very aware Assault players on your team as it runs out of ammo frustratingly fast.

The bullet spread is quite noticeable in situations where you are firing in long bursts but if your firing it correctly you shouldn't notice it often. There isn't much recoil associated with the PP2000 either, so it isn't too hard to handle. The iron sights are quite blocky, but as always it comes down to personal preference. The red dot sight is certainly a valid option for the PP2000 clearing up the sights, however the 4x scope should prove unnecessary, because the low damage and high fire rate suit it to close quarters combat rather than long range.

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Use the silencer, high fire rate and large magazine size to flank at any given opportunity. Don't use the common paths to points, rather attack from the direction that the enemies shouldn't be looking. Try to do this by looking where the enemies are engaging your allies. Remember to bring the ammunition upgrade and abuse the fast reload. Attack enemies from one direction then change up your position whilst reloading to overwhelm the enemie with flanks. Be the silent member of your squad ,executing the flanks when the foe is to busy looking in one direction freeing up objectives for planting or capturing.

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