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The SV-98 sniper rifle is based on full bore sports shooting rifle made by IZHMASH JSC. According to the Manufacturers, it is designed to engage targets at different ranges up to 1000m. The real life detachable box magazine also holds 10 rounds. Primarily this rifle is used by Russian police and counter terrorist forces.


Fire Mode: Bolt Action
Rate of Fire: 37 RPM
Magazine Size: 10 rounds
Reload time: 4.8 seconds
Damage at 10M: 100
Damage at 36M+:50

The SV-98 is probably the best bolt action sniper rifle in the game for a lot of aspects. It has a great reload time coupled with a fantastic magazine size. The damage is identical to that of the M24 and GOL sniper rifles so don't feel that is out classed by the other rifles. Remember the general rules of using a sniper rifle and all should be swell. If you're caught in close quarters combat try to use it like a shotgun and hip fire or quick scope for the kill, since it has a high reload speed and large magazine it's the best sniper rifle at this range. Over long distances don't forget about compensating for bullet drops when attempting to remove someone's brains. Depending on your play style Magnum Ammo and Body Armour are the ways to go specialization wise. If you fight primary long range use body armour for the obvious benefit, but if planning on closer range encounters use Magnum Ammo for the damage buff and don't forget that your pistol is there for a reason!

The scope for the SV-98 is fairly effective. While to many it will prove harder to use than the M24's beautiful scope, with a very minor amount of practice for beginners it will prove to be simple to use over distance. If planning on very long distance equip the x12 scope, and with closer distances, using the x4 scope can be great, it increases visibility when scoped in and makes you a serious threat over a close to fairly long distance.

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Since the SV-98 has the accuracy of a sniper rifle, a good magazine size and a variety of different scopes, so it has great the ability to be adapted to the situation. Don't be afraid to use the x4 scope and move closer the enemy. Using your motion mines will give you fantastic advantage and with a little practice out sniping Recon's at range with 4x Scope is child's play. Embrace what you have, and use it to destroy.

Sniper Rifle Damage Comparison


Sniper Rifle Spread Comparison

Spread-BaseSpread-MoveSpread-ZmoveSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick