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C4 or Composition 4 as it is also known is an explosive used for a variety of reasons throughout the world, in a comparison to TNT it is 1.34 times as powerful and more useful in certain aspects. Due to its consistency it can be moulded into almost anything, ranging from cracks in the wall to equipment and weaponry. During the war in Vietnam soldiers use small amounts of C4 to cook their rations, as it flammable when not detonated with a primary explosive.


Fire Mode: Single Toss
Magazine Size: 1
Throw Time: 0.75 seconds
Ammo Box Resupply Time: 6 seconds
Damage to infantry: 290 for 6 metres fading out to 0 at 8 metres.
Damage to vehicles: 865

C4 is available primarily to the Recon class however Assault classes can gain this also by using an all kit weapon. It is one of the most effective gadgets for a variety of reasons. It can be used against to destroy parts of buildings or the entire building if the situation requires. If you are aware that enemies are camping upstairs in a building you may considered throwing C4 onto the side of the building to blow them to pieces.

Against vehicles C4 is also lethal, two sticks of C4 will destroy a tank. Attaching C4 to the tank is the problem in most cases. Using building to ambush them is one technique, where you hide until the vehicle passes then throw C4 in its direction. To throw C4 further than normal initiate your C4 toss and press the jump button. Throwing C4 on popular travel locations is another way to use it effectively, conquest flags are generally good locations for this.

Finally trapping MCOMs and destroying MCOMs is another use of C4. While arming the charge throw C4 on it and retreat to somewhere hidden where you can watch the point, detonate the C4 when someone tries to disarm the charge.

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This will be a 1-3 minute video of the weapon in action when used APPROPRIATELY. This is not the place to show killing people from parachutes, slugger sniping, etc. This is showing the weapons being used in the role that they were intended. Commentators will handle getting these.
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Use C4 along with your environment to remove obstacles in your path. It sticks to almost anything, such as quad bikes which can be used as deadly mobile bombs. Remember that sprinting directly towards a tank to try and C4 it isn't smart, use ambushes and the buildings to out smart the driver and blow them to smithereens.