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The USAS-12 was designed and produced by the South-Korean company Daewoo Precision Industries in the 1980s as a viable and designated close-quarters weapon. Whereas earlier versions were semi-automatic, the latest version, the one we find in Bad Company 2, is selective-fire in that you can choose between semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing modes.


Fire Mode: Semi/Fully -automatic
Rate of Fire 300 rounds per minute
Magazine Size: 6 (standard) or 12 (shotgun magazine upgrade)
Reload time: 2.4 seconds (4 if you don't skip the reload animation)
Damage at 8M: 75 damage (from 0 to 8 meters)
Damage at 16M: 36 damage
Damage values are provided all rounds in a cartridge hit the target.

The USAS-12 is the king of close quarters. As opposed to the pump actions and the Saiga, the USAS is hardly viable using slugs. If you find yourself unable to advance and get up real close and personal with the enemy no matter what, you might consider using extra ammunition and magnum for a more viable medium-range weapon. This weapon is however designed for house-to-house fighting, so the natural way to go is to get lightweight. Use it to your advantage to close in on the enemy, and coupled with a larger magazine (you don't need magnum up close as it is a 2-shot kill up to 8 meters regardless) you will find yourself easily able to mow down entire squads with one magazine. Alternatively you can bring extra ammunition rather than lightweight if you feel confident, but you should bring a larger magazine either way.

The sights on shotguns in general can only be as they come; a circle in the middle of your screen or crosshairs if using slugs. You'll just have to make the best of it, but if you're using the USAS right, sights will never be a problem as the circle will roughly be the size of your enemy's head.

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While simply squeezing the trigger and letting this baby rip is tempting, never do so unless you are overwhelmed and the enemies are practically touching you. Otherwise the recoil from consecutive shots will leave the USAS kicking in all directions and sending bullets in any direction but towards the enemy, regardless of range. Remember to stay mobile, constantly keep running, never stay stationary unless you are firing, and search for those flanks! This shotgun is deadly when charging head-on, so imagine what it can do from the side. Use it right, and you'll be able to down an entire squad covering a single room in a fraction of a second. Just keep moving, no matter what!

Close quarters
This is when this shotgun will shine. Whenever you see an enemy, aim towards his chest and up, and fire bursts of 2-3 bullets. Usually 2 rounds will suffice as they will amount to a total of 150 damage up to 8 meters. Doing this effectively means you can, at most, score 6 kills with one magazine, provided none are first-hit headshots. That's almost two full squads, and you still have a sidearm for the last guy. Once you have downed an enemy, start sprinting again and search for your new prey. You need to stay aggressive, you need to stay the guy who keeps risking his life for the multi-kill. Do it right and you'll find it going in your favor more often than not.

Medium range
For medium range, fire bursts of 2 rounds. You will be able to bring down targets medium range with 3-8 hits, depending on how much of a crack shot you are. A more effective method is scoring 3-4 hits and finishing him off with your pistol. Just stay still while firing to keep accuracy topped and you'll do good. But whatever you do, avoid medium-long to long-range encounters as this weapon, effective as it may be up close, just won't cut the cheese at those ranges.

Class choice
The USAS is viable with any class, though since it requires the user to be highly mobile and aggressive, is best suited for the recon or assault class. I personally run recon as I find motion sensors to be invaluable when fighting in close quarters. They allow you to select the best route based on enemy locations rather than chance, and hence allow for far more effective assaults and flanking. Since you are already fighting in close quarters, one of your enemies is bound to be an assault from whom you can get ammunition if you are running dry, which eventually you will.

Either way, remember to bring a reliable sidearm to finish off targets and help you out if you do get caught in a long range engagement. I personally recommend the Grach due to it's high rate of fire and magazine size, making it one of the best "finishers".

All Kit Weapons Damage Comparison

M14 EBR-39-2848.75-35--
M1 Garand-39-2848.75-35--

All Kit Weapon Spread Comparison

Spread-BuckSpread-SlugSpread-ZslugSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
M14 EBR2321-1230
M1 Garand2321-1230