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Known simply as the Tommy gun, the Thompson sub machine gun is one of the most famous rifle designs in history. Used in war and peace, by men and women on both sides of the law, its reliability and simplicity made it adopted by armies, organizations and individuals all over the world. In 1917-1919, US General John T. Thompson was in the search for a safe and reliable design for a semi-automatic rifle, to replace the bolt action rifle as a standard. Firstly known as the Annihilator, in 1921 Thompson's design was approved by the US government, to be more effective in trench warfare than the M1918 BAR, and mass production commenced. It was widely recognized by both the soldiers and general population as outstanding and further modifications were made. It was the most popular machine gun used by US soldiers in World War 2.

The Thompson used in Bad Company 2 is an M1A1 model armed with a 30 round box magazine, produced from 1942 till the end of the war. The M1A1 was cheaper to produce, easier to reload and maintain, had an impressive rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute and was widely adopted as a standard. By that time box magazines were considered more practical than drum magazines, even though they contained less ammunition.


Fire Mode: Full Auto
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Magazine Size: 30
Reload time: 3.7 Seconds
Damage at 16M: 16,7
Damage at 42M: 12,5

Weapon Explained

Despite being a fairly accurate representation of the original gun, the Thompson in Bad Company 2 is more than a vintage weapon and has a very specific place in the game's arsenal. For one, alongside the G3, it is one of two sub machine guns that can be equipped by all classes. The Recon in particular, alongside his Motion Sensors, does very good with it at close range. Since it is the very first chance for this class to equip a dedicated Close Quarters Combat (CQB) fully automatic weapon, many Recons choose it to help them unlock higher sniper rifles or just put their close range tactics to use. Medics, particularly ones that dislike the cumbersome LMGs, pick a Tommy so they can achieve better mobility and CQB efficiency. Even Assaulters and Engineers could choose it, for the way it feels and shoots. But those classes usually avoid it since it either offers less than some SMGs and Assault Rifles because it can't be equipped with sight upgrades.

The M1A1 lies in between weaker damage-wise SMGs like the Uzi and Assault Rifles. It has descent damage at close range, but low effectiveness at long range. And with slower rate of fire and reload time it won't give you what an Assault Rifle can. If you prefer automatic machine guns instead of shotguns for your Recon/Medic CQB style or ambushes this is the gun for you. The other one, the G3, has a slower rate of fire and is generally more effective at a distance. The M1A1 is accurate, but requires quite a few shots to kill a man. It is advised to engage one enemy at a time and reload after each encounter, armored soldiers are particularly deadly.

Magnum Ammunition is a popular upgrade for the Thompson. A damage rating of 20.875 at close range is respectable and allows you to put down targets faster. This can give you more confidence in engaging multiple targets, but it is still a small encounters weapon.

In its essence, the Tommy is an SMG like any other. Use short controlled burst at medium to long range and give yourself more freedom with the trigger at close range. Being a WWII era weapon it has larger recoil than other modern SMGs like the SCAR for example. But the gun itself is quite accurate and has a low bullet spread. The first few shots almost always hit where the gun is pointing at. At medium range, it is very effective if you fire a few bullets, wait the iron sight to get back on target and quickly fire another burst. The procedure can be repeated with deadly speed and effectiveness and you can even try for headshots. At close range, hold the trigger as it will take some 6-7 shots to the body to bring an enemy down.

Do not be afraid to frequently use the iron sight! It is decently accurate and provides a good view of your surroundings, with very little obstruction.

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Video Portrait

With descent damage and rate of fire the decades old M1A1 Thompson holds its place among SMGs. But slow reload time makes it more of an ambush weapon. It is mainly chosen by players that don't favor LMGs, sniper rifles and shotguns. Recons do wonders with a Tommy and a pack of Motion Sensors at close ranges. If you like to blow some C4 in say Laguna Presa or Valparaiso, where there is lots of cover, the automatic Thompson will give you more range than a shotgun. But long range is out of the question. Assault Rifles and even LMGs will pick you off before you can make a challenge.

All Kit Weapons Damage Comparison

M14 EBR-39-2848.75-35--
M1 Garand-39-2848.75-35--

All Kit Weapon Spread Comparison

Spread-BuckSpread-SlugSpread-ZslugSpray B/ZRecoil-AmpRecoil-Kick
M14 EBR2321-1230
M1 Garand2321-1230